Isolate and Medicate Tour; Seether, Saint Asonia, Within Reason: 10-06-2015

Isolate and Medicate Tour
Seether, Saint Asonia, Within Reason
Omaha, Nebraska
Sokol Auditorium

It’s been too long since Seether graced Omaha with their presence. The band hadn’t played Omaha since their 2012 stop with Nickelback.  Tonight’s show would be my lucky thirteenth time seeing the band since they opened the second stage of Ozzfest 2002. Since 2004, it’s become normalcy to see Seether touring with Breaking Benjamin, and Three Days Grace. These three bands fit together perfectly on a tour. That being said, it came as no surprise that super-group Saint Asonia would be touring with Seether on the “Isolate and Medicate” Tour. Throw in Within Reason, and you’ve got one helluva rock show!
As Sokol Auditorium was filling, Alabama rockers Within Reason took the stage. Having never played Omaha before, the band did an amazing job pumping up the crowd with their unique brand of authentic southern rock.
I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was for the chance to finally see Saint Asonia. For those of you not familiar, Saint Asonia ia comprised of Adam (Three Days Grace) Gontier, Mike (Staind) Mushok, Rich (Finger Eleven) Beddoe, and Corey (Dark New Day) Lowery.
Having their live debut at the 2015 “Rock On the Range” was an intentional Trial By Fire for the band. These four veteran musicians have proved that they have what it takes to continue inspiring with their music. We’ll never know the exact reasons for his departure with his original band, but we can all be thankful that he, Mushok, Lowery and Beddoe have given us Saint Asonia.
Saint Asonia’s 10 song set showcased the band’s original music, and gave their fans the chance to sing along with select tracks from Gontier’s Three Days Grace, and Mushok’s Staind. “We don’t do covers,” Gontier told the crowd. “We play songs that we wrote.” It was great to hear Gontier perform a few of Three Days Grace’s most popular tracks, and he did an amazing job with the Staind tracks as well.
Gontier truly shined when performing Saint Asonia’s music though. Between 2004 and 2011, I was fortunate enough to have seen Gontier perform with Three Days Grace 9 times. Each of those concerts were amazing to see. Gontier looked so comfortable on stage. During his last few years with the band though, something was missing. It was almost like he was going through the motions. Seeing Gontier on stage with Saint Asonia, he seemed genuinely happy. The entire band was extremely focused, and beyond energetic. Their crowd interaction was perfectly timed. GOntier even jumped off the stage a few times and leaned into the crowd, giving a select few the chance to sing along with our favorite Canadian rocker.
The band is the perfect amalgamation of Three Days Grace and Staind. They easily combine the melodic tones of both bands with they respective aggressive music, and the final product is brilliant. Do yourselves a favor and don’t miss out on seeing them life if they pass through your area.
It had been a few years since Seether had played in Omaha. Even longer since the band was able to perform a full set. Just like every other time the band has played Omaha, they’d be rocking out with another sold out crowd.
Earlier in the day I got the chance to chat with founder and vocalist Shaun Morgan about the first time I’d seen the band live. It was Ozzfest 2002, and there was something unique about Seether’s set. Something that set them apart from the other second stage bands on that festival tour. Only a handful of bands that played the second stage are currently touring. Chevelle. Hatebreed. Black Label Society. Otep. But Seether were one of the few bands that I have continued to follow over the past 13 years.
For their 14 song set list, the band chose tracks ranging from their extensive catalogue of music, with the most being from their “Disclaimer” debut and current “Isolate and Medicate” release. By doing so, the band gave newer fans of the music the chance to sample their classic cuts, while sprinkling a few fan favorite from their other releases. It was Seether’s performance of “Broken” that garnered the best response for the crowd. Aside from the ballad, Seether’s set was full of the band’s heaviest material, giving the chance for Sokol’s main floor to fill with bouncing fans and moshing fanatics. “Broken” was the track that helped bring everyone together. The moshing ceased. Lighters and cellphones lit up the venue. The sold out crowd’s voices lifted in unison, almost drowning out Morgan’s own voice.
Given how much credit the band gives to Nirvana founder Kurt Cobain, it wouldn’t be a full blown Seether concert without a Nirvana cover. For this leg of the tour, that song would be “Lithium”. No one covers Nirvana like Seether. Morgan truly embodies the spirit of Cobain when covering the late musician.
And just like that, the night was over. The band closed out their set with 3 of their most popular tracks; “Words As Weapons”, “Fake It” and “Remedy”. Seether rarely does an encore, but even without the faux exit, the band left the crowd wanting more. Hopefully it won’t be another 3 years until the band returns to Omaha.