Liriel’s Consequences & Zirra’s Peace: A ChatGPT Dungeons & Dragons Story

The following short story was generated by the Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT on March 8th, 2023. In the dark and twisting tunnels beneath the surface of Faerun, the Drow Elves lived in their sprawling underground cities, ruled by powerful matriarchs who wielded great magical powers. One such matriarch was named Liriel

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DEADSIDE WAR Begins this January in SHADOWMAN #5💀

Terror takes over the Valiant Universe this January… The critically-acclaimed series SHADOWMAN will unleash part 1 of ‘Deadside War’ in SHADOWMAN #5, a gripping horror storyline that will unfold within the pages of SHADOWMAN for four issues and feature the eagerly anticipated return of fan-favorite character PUNK MAMBO. Jack Boniface is SHADOWMAN, the brave

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