The Trunk: A ChatGPT Abduction Story

The Trunk: A ChatGPT Abduction Story

The following short story was generated by the Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT on March 8th, 2023.

It was a dark and stormy night, and John was driving home from work. The rain was pouring down in sheets, making it difficult for him to see the road ahead. Suddenly, his car hit a pothole, and he heard a loud thud coming from the trunk.

Feeling nervous, John pulled over to the side of the road and got out to investigate. As he approached the back of the car, he heard a muffled voice coming from the trunk. When he opened it, he found a young woman tied up and gagged.

John quickly untied the woman and helped her out of the trunk. She was trembling and soaked to the bone, but she managed to tell him her story. She had been walking home from work when a man had grabbed her and forced her into the trunk of his car.

As John was calling the police, the woman suddenly gasped and pointed behind him. He turned around to see the man who had kidnapped her standing only a few feet away, holding a knife. John tried to run, but the man caught him and held the knife to his throat.

In a moment of desperation, John managed to grab the knife and fight back, but it was too late. The man had already taken his life.

To this day, people say that on dark and stormy nights, you can hear the sound of John’s screams coming from the stretch of road where he lost his life, and some claim to have seen his ghostly figure wandering along the roadside, searching for his lost soul.