SKYND: A Dispatch from the Dark Place

SKYND: A Dispatch from the Dark Place

Dear Skyndicate,

It’s been a while…

When we’re not recording music, we continue our research into cases that interest us, and which may one day become inspiration for future songs.

Below is a selection of the cases we’re looking into at the moment, and some resources that we have found. 

All the best,

🖤  SKYND, Father, & Skynd Doll 🖤

Case 1: Heaven’s Gate
Heaven’s Gate 20 Years Later: 10 Things You Didn’t Know                  
The Story Of Marshall Applewhite, The Unhinged Cult Leader Who Orchestrated A Mass Poisoning    
Resources SKYND’S Video Playlist   Heaven’s Gate: America’s UFO Religion
Heaven’s Gate: The History and Legacy of Marshall Applewhite’s Notorious Doomsday Cult   Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults   Heaven’s Gate, Witness Docs (Apple Podcasts)
Heaven’s Gate, Witness Docs (Spotify)
Case 2: Gabby Petito
Opinion: Gabby Petito’s disappearance went viral and others were left ignored                    
Gabby Petito’s Family Reaches $3 Million Settlement With Brian Laundrie Estate to Avoid Wrongful Death Trial                
Gabby Petito’s family attorney wants the letter he says Brian Laundrie’s mom wrote him offering to bury a body, with inscription ‘burn after reading’  
Resources SKYND’S Video Playlist   Gabby Petito appears bruised and bloodied in new photo   True crime: the tragedy of Gabby Petito (Apple Podcasts)
Case 3: The Idaho Murders
The Idaho Murders | The Case Against Bryan Kohberger (Podchaser)                    
Terror in a College Town: The University of Idaho Murders (Podchaser)                      
The Idaho Student Murders (Apple Podcasts)