MTG the OCM Way

Whether it is you and your friends at a kitchen table or 550 professional players from all over the world, fighting for 40k and the crown of World Champion, this trading card game has more potential for entertainment and profit than you’ve ever guessed. Magic the Gathering, or MTG for short, is a wonderful game for the young and not-so-young that can bring a lot of critical thinking skills, creativity, passion, and friendships. If you are looking for a fun community to join, I highly suggest grabbing some cards and finding a shop with people willing to teach. If you have the misfortune of living in the middle of nowhere as I do, there is MTGO, or Magic the Gathering Online, where you can sling digital versions of your favorite decks or draft new ones with people from all over the world in the comfortable glow of your own computer.  Now being married for over 10 years with a college degree and a 401k, I can say how big of an impact this game has had on me as most of my stories start with “Once, at this tournament…”
Magic Origins - Jace key art

Today, I want to dive into something that is generally overlooked in the Magic community and that is the people who help keep the game alive. The players are a fantastic community but they wouldn’t be half as strong without the people who are always there to support, bringing the cards you need and giving you cash on the cards you needed last week but are ready to trade. I recently got the chance to sit down and talk with Chris Bahls, the owner of a Magic the Gathering vending company, OCMMTG, and he had some amazing things to tell me.

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OCMMTG is a retailer who buys and sells Magic cards. OCMMTG does frequent many events around the country, traveling to trade in person but they can also be found at for 24 hour buying. Even better, they now have a strong presence on MTGO. Simply search for OCMMTG and choose one of the many buying bots that are there to help you whenever you need!

After sitting down with Chris, I could instantly tell how much this guy truly loved this game and what he does. He was almost giddy with the passion he puts into his work ethic and the quality of his company. Chris is happy to serve all types of players whether their favorite format is standard, modern, legacy, vintage, popper, or commander. If you are just starting out or have been playing for years, Chris is likely to have just the cards you need in stock on his easy to use and convenient website. If you prefer to buy in person, feel free to check out the events calendar to see where OCMMTG is booked to vend next. Maybe you are not looking to buy cards at the moment but you are looking to reach out to other players or learn about their insights on the game, OCMMTG has articles written by their sponsored team members, #TeamTaco. OCMMTG is excited to announce there will also be live streaming of events and video content coming soon.
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OCMMTG is very excited to become a bigger part of the MTGO side of the game because Chris feels that the people will find the most opportunity there. “People can play whenever they want, with like-minded people around the globe, with cards they might have a hard time finding in person,” says Chris, when asked why he feels MTGO was the next best step for his company. With a unified currency and a constantly firing variety of games for all skill levels, MTGO has a lot to offer.

Revenant Media invites you to check out OCMMTG in one of their many platforms, in person, online or in MTGO. If you would like to receive notifications of updates, give them a like on Facebook. Play the game, travel the world. That was MTG’s slogan for many years and it may be even truer now as it has become more accessible through vendors like OCMMTG and online varieties of the game. Let’s travel the world together, 20 life points at a time.