X-O Manowar #8

Valiant Comics
Valiant Entertainment
December 2012

Robert Venditti, Lee Garbett, Stefano Gaudiano, Moose Baumann

Venditti again starts off our story with a flashback, broadening Aric’s origina nd giving us a glimpse of how this barbarian’s life, 1600 years in the past, affects his choices made in the present. While Ninjak and X-O’s truce was unexpected, it shows that Aric is learning from his past mistakes made on the battle field during the Visgoth’s Roman war. The main lesson; Aric is now more accepting of help from other heroes.
This issue also reveals that The Vine’s infultration into human society is even deeper than previously thought. The aliens have seeded themselves into every aspect of the world’s goverment and are posed to strike.
X-O and Ninjak’s attack on a Vine infested MI-6 is visually stunning, kinda like the comicbook version of a Michael Bay Movie.
Venditti continues to craft one of the best stories on the market and gives us hints and glimpses of the up-coming Planet Death story.
Garbett, Gaudiano and Baumann once again craft amazing art, proving that Valiant truly cares about their stories by brining in only the best artists (and writers) to tell the stories we all need to be reading.