Harbinger #7

Valiant Comics
Valiant Entertainment
Joshua Dysart, Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett, Khari Evans

Thank you, Mr Dysart! This is the story arch that I’ve been waiting for. A prelude to next year’s massive cross-over, The Harbinger Wars, Dysart and crew are introducing some of my fan favorites from the classic Valiant Universe. First up, the elegant and underestimated Flamingo. 
Harbinger #7 begins a story that Dysart has been building up to since the titles debut issue. Full of action, sexy strippers, fire, explosions and flashbacks.
While Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation regroups after a failed attempt to recapture Pete Stanchek, and Project Rising Spirit reels from Harada’s defensive strike, Pete, Faith and Kris continue to elude both of these massive military corporations.  Stanchek and his rebellious crew are now searching for of latent psiots with the hopes of activating their powers and recruiting them for the upcoming confrontation with Harada.
But will Pete, Kris, Faith and Flamingo be able to elude Harada and Project Rising Spirit long enough to survive the next Harbinger War?
Dysart continues to craft an amazing story of corporate espionage, and urban survival. The additon of artist Barry Kitson for the first issue of this new arch was a brillaint move on Valiant’s part.