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Toy Vault leaks upcoming McFarlane’s The Walking Dead series’ list

News about Todd McFarlane’s Spawn action figures for AMC’s The Walking Dead 5 inch figures based on the TV series.

The Comic Series line of The Walking Dead figures was cancelled due to budget cuts but Spawn.com has confirmed they will release a series 2 wave consisting of 2 walkers, Shane and the Governor.

Below is a list of the future action figures coming out; Starting today, October 19th,2012.

The Series 2 figures are confirmed but, as I posted earlier this week, Series 3 will feature Michonne, Michonne’s two walker pets, the Zombie Hunter – with removable stomach, woodchuck, and Merle Dixon.

POSSIBLE SPOILERS for those who watch AMC’s The Walking Dead!

Toy Vault Series 2 is currently available at http://www.toysrus.com

Shane Walsh – Comes w/ shotgun, handgun, axe, shovel,
Rick Grimes – Comes w/ sheriff hat, revolver, sniper rifle,
Bicycle Girl – Comes with removable torso, spring moving jaw
Well Zombie – Comes with jaw action, removable torso, rope
RV Zombie – Comes with jaw moving action, screw driver

There are also rumors of Black and White, and Blood Splattered Variant figures, most likely of Rick Grimes.

Future releases may include;
Lori Grimes – Comes with handgun, baby Judy accessory
Shane Walsh – Comes with handgun, shotgun, police uniform
Glenn – Comes with baseball bat, shotgun, shelf accessory
Swamp Zombie – Comes with movable jaw, intestines acc.
Carl Grimes – Comes with handgun, removable hat, knife

Dale Horvath – Comes with sniper rifle, removable intestines
Andrea – Comes with desert eagle, sniper rifle, silver pistol
Hershel Greene – Comes with handgun, sniper rifle, shovel
Zombie Shane – Comes with spring loaded moving jaw

Daryl Dixon – Comes with crossbow, shotgun, handgun, axe
Carol Peletier – Comes with handgun, plank of wood
Rick Grimes – Comes with revolver handgun, removable hand (!?)
Highway Zombie – Comes with moving jaw, removable arrows
Andrea – Comes with riot armor, sniper rifle, desert eagle
Tyreese Williams – Comes with hammer, handgun, shotgun (!?)

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