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Another set of SPOILERS for the 3rd Season of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD

As if you needed it …. WARNING! SPOILERS!

Revealed earlier today, there will soon be a new survivor joining our band of merry misfits in Cell Block C.

Confirmed today, comicbook fan favorite Tyreese, portraited by The Wire’s Chad Coleman, will make his debut appearance during the 3rd season’s 8th episode. Incidentally, the 8th […]

More SPOILERS for the 3rd season of AMC’s The Walking Dead

Sitting pretty at the end of the world.

Spoilers for our favorite television shows, movies, novels and comicbooks can be found all over the internet. Some fans actively search them out, while others stumble apon them accidentally. This will be your official warning that the following post may contain what some would consider SPOILERS for […]

Toy Vault leaks upcoming McFarlane’s The Walking Dead series’ list

News about Todd McFarlane’s Spawn action figures for AMC’s The Walking Dead 5 inch figures based on the TV series.

The Comic Series line of The Walking Dead figures was cancelled due to budget cuts but Spawn.com has confirmed they will release a series 2 wave consisting of 2 walkers, Shane and the Governor.

Below […]