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Pandemic Retro Artist Spotlight: Angelfish

Angelfish Angelfish © 1994 Radioactive Records J.V. Angelfish was a short-lived early 1990’s project created by former members of the Scottish indie rock group Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie. The alternative rock group, originating from Edinburgh, Scotland, is famous for introducing the world to Shirley Manson, vocalist for the band Garbage. After Manson, the keyboardist and backing […]

Pandemic Interview: SLAVES: Colin Vieira 07/01/2020

SLAVES Current Release: Beautiful Death © 2018 SBG (Distributed by The Orchard) Current Single: Like I Do Upcoming and final release under the name “SLAVES”: To Better Days (August 7th, 2020)

Winston Churchill said it best, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” I can only think of a few other bands who’ve survived […]

Pandemic Interview: Hadees Market,

Hadees Market Soundcloud Link Facebook Link Offical Website Youtube Link We all have to adjust to a “new normal” during the Covid19 Pandemic. How is the current state of the U.S.A. effecting musicians though? Greg Williamson of Hadees market took some time to answer a few questions about how he’s adjusting. Hadees Market is a […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: AVATAR

Johannes Eckerström – Vocals

Jonas Jarlsby – Guitar

Tim Öhrström – Guitar

Henrik Sandelin – Bass

John Alfredsson – Drums

The heavy metal-n’-roll dark madcap visionaries collectively known as AVATAR didn’t pick their moniker by accident. An “avatar” is defined as either a manifestation of a deity […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Jason Charles Miller

Jason Charles Miller is an accomplished and multi-faceted performer, with more than two decades of professional experience as a musician, songwriter, singer, and voice actor.

Originally from Clifton, VA, Jason now lives in Los Angeles, CA where he owns and runs the successful recording complex, Central Command Studios.

Jason has co-written songs with […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Not A Toy

For Fans of Loveless, Paloma, Placeholder Latest Release; Quit Quitting Find Not A Toy on Spotify

“Not a Toy is not just a band; it’s a lifestyle of art and creation,” affirms Branson. “We’re not the first to combine different genres of music, but we’re also actually blending other artforms—from streetwear to art […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Currents

For fans of Hollow Front, Aviana, Silent Planet Latest Full Length Release: The Way It Ends Listen to CURRENTS on Spotify

CURRENTS is the new standard for death-infused metalcore. This is emotionally fraught and impossibly angry music soaked in cold, depressive atmosphere. CURRENTS explore the forbidden realms of a tortured psyche, searching for meaning […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Lightworker

For fans of Deathbreaker, What We Do In Secret, Convictions Latest Full Length Release; Fury By Failure © 2020 Solid State Records Listen to Lightworker on SPOTIFY

Lightworker is a metal band from San Francisco, CA. The group—comprised of Joe Calderon, Grayson Hurd, Ryan Johnson, and Brad Green—formed from the remnants of former […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Slaves

For fans of Picturesque, Too Close To Touch, Speech Patterns, Dance Gavin Dance

Latest Full Length Release; Beautiful Death © 2017 SBG (Distributed by The Orchard) Check out SLAVES on Spotify Slaves consists of drummer Zack Baker, guitarists Wes Richmond and Felipe Sanchez, bassist Colin Vieira, and new vocalist Matt McAndrew (NBC’s The Voice: […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Grey Daze

Before Chester Bennington sang, screamed, and serenaded audiences of millions throughout his storied career in Linkin Park and a host of other projects, the frontman cut his teeth from 1993 to 1998 in his first proper band: Grey Daze. In 2017, Chester announced the band’s reunion which would see the surviving members re-working and […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Lamb of God

LAMB OF GOD propelled heavy metal into the new millennium two decades ago with the prophetically titled New American Gospel. They followed with 2003’s As the Palaces Burn, which made the Rolling Stone list of the Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time. Ashes of the Wake, released in 2004, was the first […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: MEGADETH

It was over 30 years ago that Dave Mustaine founded MEGADETH, in the process pioneering the sound that would become known the world over as thrash metal. And from the very beginning, the band proved to be the most lethal and audacious unit on the heavy music scene, pushing thrash to the limits of […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Asking Alexendria

The rockiest road reaps the richest rewards. It also makes for the best stories… Since 2008, Asking Alexandria have paved a path of their own, distilling danger and excess into an equally dangerous hybrid of stadium rock ambition, metallic energy, and electronic ecstasy. Against all odds, they achieved unprecedented success earmarked by two gold-certified singles […]

Throwback Artist Spotlight: Stone Sour 2002

As intoxicating as the libation it was named after (1 part whiskey and a splash of orange juice and sour mix), Stone Sour is a Molotov cocktail of an album – 1 part pure rock adrenaline with a splash of melody. We are melodic hard-rock with content and initiative, explains Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. […]

Artist Spotlight: Clint Lowery

A versatile and prolific American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Clint Lowery is best known as the guitarist and backing vocalist of Sevendust, an Atlanta-based hard rock/nu-metal group whose blend of bottom-heavy riffs and accessible melodies found huge commercial success in the late ’90s and 2000s. In addition to his work with Sevendust, Lowery […]