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Pandemic Artist Spotlight: MEGADETH

It was over 30 years ago that Dave Mustaine founded MEGADETH, in the process pioneering the sound that would become known the world over as thrash metal. And from the very beginning, the band proved to be the most lethal and audacious unit on the heavy music scene, pushing thrash to the limits of […]

Pandemic Artist Spotlight: Asking Alexendria

The rockiest road reaps the richest rewards. It also makes for the best stories… Since 2008, Asking Alexandria have paved a path of their own, distilling danger and excess into an equally dangerous hybrid of stadium rock ambition, metallic energy, and electronic ecstasy. Against all odds, they achieved unprecedented success earmarked by two gold-certified singles […]

Throwback Artist Spotlight: Stone Sour 2002

As intoxicating as the libation it was named after (1 part whiskey and a splash of orange juice and sour mix), Stone Sour is a Molotov cocktail of an album – 1 part pure rock adrenaline with a splash of melody. We are melodic hard-rock with content and initiative, explains Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor. […]

Artist Spotlight: Clint Lowery

A versatile and prolific American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Clint Lowery is best known as the guitarist and backing vocalist of Sevendust, an Atlanta-based hard rock/nu-metal group whose blend of bottom-heavy riffs and accessible melodies found huge commercial success in the late ’90s and 2000s. In addition to his work with Sevendust, Lowery […]

Interviewing Walkers: Swamp Walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 2

The following is a transcript taken from a recorded interview former Revenant Media correspondent conducted with the Swamp Walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead. Their name has been withheld until family can be notified.

Guys, I’m not so sure about this.

*Radio Speaker* You’ll be OK. Just don’t look nervous.

Don’t look nervous?! Do […]

Interviewing Walkers: RV Walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead: Season 2

The following is a transcript taken from a recorded interview former Revenant Media correspondent conducted with the RV Walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead. His name has been withheld until family can be notified. The cassette arrived in a non-descriptive manila envelope. The address was written with shaky chicken-scratch hand writing. No return address was […]

Emily Kinney 2012 Post The Walking Dead Season 2 Interview

Going through old files, I found an interview I did with Emily Kinney back in 2012 in between the 2nd and 3rd season of the show. Kinney was one of the first actors I’ve interviewed.

Revenant Media: As a small town Nebraska native, what values did you take away with you as you took […]

Artist Spotlight: Crown the Empire

A sweeping self-awareness and expansive creativity are at the heart of CROWN THE EMPIRE, the modern post-metalcore anthem makers who embrace their dirty rock roots and stadium-ready melodies with bold courage.

What began as high-school pals posting clips on YouTube has grown to over 60 million views […]

Artist Spotlight: DIRTY HONEY

The sound of Los Angeles-based Dirty Honey’s straight-up-no-apologies-no-explanations-needed music has been called “new-fashioned Rock ’n Roll.” As vocalist Marc LaBelle puts it, “We don’t want to bring anything back, we just want to make music that’s sexy, hard and rocking all at the same time.” The band – LaBelle, John Notto/guitar, Justin […]

2019 Artist Spotlight: KITTEN

Power pop rock band KITTEN, fronted by powerhouse punk goddess Chloe Chaidez, are gearing up to release their new EP Goodbye Honeymoon Phase on October 18th. If you‘ve kept an eye on underground pop for the last half-decade, you‘ve probably come across the name KITTEN; but it‘s only recently that 24-year-old front-woman Chloe Chaidez […]

2019 Artist Spotlight: Bring Me the Horizon

Electro-grime. Glitch-pop. Divorce. Dani Filth. Alan Partridge. Indian religious cults. Betrayal. “Tacky Nineties Euro-sounding club stuff.” A beatboxer. A whole lotta rock, and a whole lotta ambition. Love. amo.

When Bring Me The Horizon decided they were going to tear things down and change things up for their sixth album, they didn’t hold […]

Artist Spotlight 2019: 3TEETH

American quartet 3Teeth emerged from the shadows of the Los Angeles underground to inject some industrial grit back into the local music scene. With their outspoken socio-political stances, leather-bound aesthetic, and unflinching message, they were able to capture an audience both on a small scale and up the metal food chain with […]

Artist Spotlight: Ho99o9

Known for their abrasive and confrontational performance style akin to that of Death Grips combined with the punk-infused raucousness of outfits such as Black Flag, Ho99o9 are an alternative hip-hop group based in Los Angeles, California. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, the project was started by the group’s frontrunners, theOGM and Eaddy, in 2012. Both […]

Artist Spotlight: RAMMSTEIN

XXVIII.III.MMXIX Rowing longboats up fjords. Building large and important monuments. Opening major ceremonial occasions… then closing them – with a bang. Rammstein’s music is the perfect soundtrack for all or any of these.

Not surprising then that, 23 years down the line, with the original line-up still intact, the six […]

Welcome to Rockville Artist Spotlight: cleopatrick

fuck whatever you think rock is. its different now.

cleopatrick is a heavy alt-rock duo from the tiny town of Cobourg, Ontario – yup, the ‘c’ is lowercase.

Best friends since kindergarten, frontman Luke Gruntz and drummer Ian Fraser have an enviable connection that translates into a powerfully unified expression of […]