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The Pretty Reckless Set to Return to Northern Invasion 2017

It’s almost that time again! Northern Invasion is just around the corner. We’re exactly one month away from tens of thousands of fans invading Somerset, Wisconsin as part of the World’s Loudest Month!

Returning to Northern Invasion 2017 are The Pretty Reckless. I had the chance to speak with vocalist and founder Taylor Momsen […]

Northern Invasion 2017 Festival Spotlight

Since its inception in 2015, Northern Invasion has been the festival that I’ve looked forward to the most each year. Since its inaugural date, the festival has hosted almost a hundred thousand fans, and just under 60 bands. After the festival’s third outing this year, that band number will be pushed close to 100, and […]

Nothern Invasion Artist Spotlight: Aranda

Listening to Oklahoma City rock band Aranda is something like hearing an explosive hybrid of the atom bomb and all of Woodstock combined. They are an experience. Brothers Dameon and Gabe Aranda have been writing, playing, and singing music together since they were kids, and even at a young age, they knew that music was […]

Lacey Sturm: 12-22-2015

This is, absolutely, the best interview I’ve conducted! The last time I got to sit down with Lacey was in February of 2006 during the band’s Winter Fresh Sno-core tour. Flyleaf were touring in support of their debut full length release, and I was enamored by the band’s message on their debut album. I was […]

Otep Shamaya 12/2002

A Continued Interview With OTEP from December of 2002: (Meaningless Entertainment) What was it like performing a show so close to the Sept. 11th 2002 tragedy? (Otep) it was very difficult to do that show so close to the tragedy of 911 … but something inside us needed to do it … to release […]

Static X, Tony Campos 04-13-2007

It’s not the greatest feeling in the world to hear that the concert you were to attend was cancelled – especially if you were to interview and take photos of the two main performers. But, when you get a call from a tour manager, asking if you can be back at the venue in twenty […]

Static X, Koichi Fukuda 04-13-2007

Static X guitarist, Koichi Fukuda, is amazing in ever aspect of the word. Originally heard onWisconsin Death Trip, he returns for some killer riffs and solos on Cannibal. When I found out I would be interviewing two members of Static X, I hoped one of them would be Koichi. He emailed me, in confidence that […]

Kittie (Morgan Landers) 03-31-2007

1)How’s your tour going with Walls of Jericho? The tour went great! I’d say it was an amazing success! It was the first time we had been out in 10-11 months. All the shows were either sold out or packed houses. It was a good vibe. All the bands were sort of different. It wasn’t […]

Invitro 03-31-2007

It’s been almost a month since I saw a live performance of an upcoming band that I dubbed, insane. If you read my review, you know they are actually called, Invitro, and that you must see them for yourself. I recently got the opportunity to interview Invitro’s front man, Jeff Weber. Enjoy.

Otep Shamaya December 2006

Going through old emails, I found an interview with Otep that Chris Miles did back in December of 2006.


Dave is great. He’s a brilliant, brilliant musician, a genius producer. He’s probably one of the funniest […]

Interview with Joey Cape from Lagwagon


LE-Thanks everyone for reading this Interview. This one is truly a pleasure for me to do. I got to ask Joey Cape some questions you have all been wondering about. So, Caper, thank you so much for taking the time to do this for us. JC-My Pleasure LE-First off, Lagwagon as been around […]

Christopher Hall; The Dreaming

Adam’s November 2011 interview with Chistopher Hall of The Dreaming, and Stabbing Westward.

Adam Tibbott; So many vocalists now are returning to their original band name after a hiatus or the band breaks up, whether or not any of it’s original members remain. Perfect example being Billy Corgan reforming The Smashing Pumpkins with a new […]

Total Chaos for the upcoming 6 Rounds of Punk at the Mid-America Center Jan. 10th

January the 10th brings a truly once-in-a-lifetime show to the Midwest as the 6 Rounds of Punk invades the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. In preparation, I got a chance to talk with Rob and the boys from Total Chaos. Thank you for taking the time to do this quick interview with me today. […]

The Walking Dead; Season 5 Crew/Production Q&A

SCOTT M. GIMPLE Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer


We have the epic and we have the intimate. We have the visceral and we have the soulful. It is this big stew of emotion and excitement. We try to give the audience everything, and have it all […]

The Walking Dead; Season 5 Cast Q&A



Rick is very much back. He has made peace with the fact that there is a very brutal side to him, but he has a humane side too. Both are acceptable to him in his worldview. Rick is […]