METAWAR 2019; 3Teeth, Author & Punisher, GosT 07-19-2019

3Teeth, Author & Punisher, GOST
The Riot Room
Kansas City, Missouri
July 19th, 2019

If there’s one thing that Missouri’s Rivet-heads love, it’s the Industrial Music Scene. Not a typical genre for the midwest scene. For their return to Kansas City, 3Teeth brought with them two of the heaviest hitting acts currently touring the country. Relatively unknown in the Midwest, GosT, and Author & Punisher brought their most brutal A-Game to the Riot Room.
You’ll be hard pressed to find much information on the mysterious producer GosT, but if you dig deep enough, the message is clear.
“And it came to pass, as soon as Gideon was dead, that the children of Israel
turned again, and went a whoring after Baalim, and made Baalberith their god. Directed and commanded by another power. The power of darkness, which many
people do not believe exists. The power of the Devil. The power of Satan. The power of Baalberith.”
GosT’s set embodied the darkest aspects of the genre, and GosT’s unique style of synth driven black metal perfectly set the tone for tonight’s show. Their music was more than enough to get the blood pumping and entice the crowd into a frenzy.
Author & Punisher, the one-man industrial doom metal project of San Diego based mechanical engineer and artist Tristan Shone, took the energy of GosT’s set and raised it another level. Shone’s instruments and controllers, that fans have dubbed “Drone Machines” and “Dub Machines”, are custom designed. Shone uses raw materials and open source electronic circuitry to fabricate the equipment he uses on stage. If there’s one thing for certain, Shone knows how to push the limits of what we expect from a One-Man-Band. This dude seriously kicks ass in a live setting.
As brutal as GosT, and Author & Punisher’s sets were, you could feel the tension in the room rising as we waited for 3Teeth to take the stage.
Tonight would mark the band’s 5th time playing in Kansas City since their 2016 debut when they opened for TOOL, the same tour that introduced their live show to the much of the world. Since then the band has toured across the globe, and opened for HIM on their final tour, and numerous dates for Rammstein. Even with bombastic opening sets, its the band’s headlining gigs that really showcase just how massive 3Teeth’s live set is.
Alexis Mincolla, the band’s vocalist and one of its founders, has an incredible stage presence that the albums give a glimpse of. Mincolla knows how to work the crowd into a frenzy, and commands an incredible amount of attention from the crowd. If 3Teeth are the industrial version of Queen, Mincolla is without a doubt the genre’s version of Freddie Mercury.
Guitarist Chase Brawner worked in perfect sync with drummer Justin Hanson. The intimate aggression from these two was a beautifully orchestrated sonic brutality. Keyboardist Xavier Swafford and bassist Andrew Means played off of each other’s animated movements, and matched the crowd energy level. I honestly expected Swafford to jump onto his keyboard as he thrashed around.
For over an hour the crowd jumped, swayed, and moshed to the band’s anarchistic style. Organized chaos.  The set was equal parts <shuntdown.exe> and METAWAR, with a sprinkling of the band’s debut album to remind us where their roots lay.
With the release of METAWAR, 3Teeth have secured their spot as one of the most influential bands of the genre. The METAWAR tour continues to prove that the band are without a doubt a live touring machine.

3Teeth’s Setlist.
Divine Weapon
Pit of Fire
Tabula Umbra
Master of Decay