Motionless In White; Reincarnate

Motionless In White
Fearless Records
Release: 16 September 2014
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“My enemy will not be the end of me,” Chris Motionless chants during Death March, ‘Reicarnate’s’ anthematic opening track. Chris Motionless expressed in an interview with Rocksound magazine that recording ‘Reincarnate’ was much easier compared to the band’s sophomore full length release ‘Infamous’ “The time frame worked against me, and there was an inner conflict going on, trying to move into a different style of music and making a lot of mistakes as I went.” Motionless elaborated, stating Reincarnate’s sound would contain the aggressiveness of ‘Creatures’ that ‘Infamous’ lacked in and will also have a more consistent style. ‘Infamous’ was crafted with two producers (Jason Suecrof and Tim Skold), givng the album’s tracks two distinct styles. ‘Reincarnate’ was solely produced by Dan Korneff. Korneff has worked with the everyone from Breaking Benjamin and Papa Roach to The Pretty Reckless and Chiodos.
Taking over recording drum duties after the departure of Brandon Richter, In This Moment’s Tom Hane adds a new level of intensity to the album’s sound. The band’s unique style of aggression is heavy on each track but that aggression is more focused and precise.  The band has learned that brutal emotion is useless as a focal point for their music without having a sense of reason to back it.
The band continues to add guest vocalists as they’ve done on previous releases. Motionless’ vocals purr as a lost lover as he sings “January is the color of her skin” during ‘Wasp’.  Dessa Marie Poljak’s whispers haunt ‘Wasp’ and lend a tragically beautiful tone to the overall brutality of ‘Reincarnate’. Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth lends his demonic shrieks on ‘Puppets 3′ (The Grand Finale), a track that completes one of Motionless’ story that started years early with the recording of’ Puppets’ (The First Snow). ‘Contemptress’ features Maria Brink, vocalist and founder of In This Moment. MiW toured with ITM during the 2013 Hellpop Tour. Brink’s voice blends seamlessly with Motionless’. ‘Final Dictvm’ finds the return of Tim Skold.  Skold, who you’ll remember as writing and recording with the likes of KMFDM, MDFMK and Marilyn Manson, produced half of MiW’s ‘Infamous’ release.
“Reincarnate’ is full of the heavy metal and industrial vibes that MiW has melted into their own unique brand of music. Motionless’ vocals range from a heart breaking whimper to a gutteral scream that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. ‘Reincarnate’ shows that MiW are wanting their music to evolve as they grow as a band, but refuse to let their fans down by releasing an album that strays too far from the path they’ve forged.
I give the album a solid 9/10.


Reincarnate Track List:

1. Death March
2. Reincarnate
3. Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale) (Feat. Dani Filth)
4. Unstoppable
5. Everybody Sells Cocaine
6. Contemptress (Feat. Maria Brink)
7. Break The Cycle
8. Generation Lost
9. Dark Passenger
10. Wasp
11. Dead As Fuck
12. Final Dictvm (Feat. Tim Sköld)
13. Carry The Torch