Magic: the Gathering, Investing in Rotating Core Sets 101

Investing in Rotating Core Sets 101:

Well it’s time for another core set to rotate out. We are in a market that we have never really seen before as magic players where the next format of magic is actually very popular unlike extended. We also don’t need a format breaking card either for it to hold value because of this. Back when I first started playing magic a card had to be seeing some type of play in legacy in order for it to have value after rotation and legacy is a stream line format with little room for improvement. So lets dive right in shall we.


Looking at Archangel of Thune brings me back fond memories. But its transition into modern is very niche and is only a clear choice in a few decks, such as pod and some zoo variants. Archangel of Thune is currently hovering right between the 12-15 dollar range. I can see that this price will fall post rotation and modern season. However I would hold an foils of this card for a good spec. The foils of this card I could see ranging from 55 all the way to 100 dollars or more. The card is back breaking in the niches that its played in, the card is played in a tier one deck, it also is played as a one or two of. So this has foil premium written all over it.


Regular: Hold 1-2 sell the rest of the set

Foils: Hold (6-9 months)




One of my favorite cards printed is Mutavault and is probably the first high dollar playset of cards I bought back in Morningtide. I like Mutavault as much as the next guy but it’s just not seeing very much modern play. Decks like Ferries, Merfolk, and other tribal decks aren’t top tier decks and are only tier two debatable. A lot of control decks shy away from this card because there are better man lands to play like Celestial Colonnade. Legacy does have some Mutavault play but Merfolk isn’t as popular as it use to be probably a tier 1.5 or 2 as off now. Mutavault is holding right at 15 dollars I can’t see it breaking 18-20 again. My advise is to Sell, could see picking these up for less than 5 dollars in a years time.


0-3 months: $15 Sell

3-6 months:  $12 Sell

12 months $5 buy your playset

Foils: Sell




Scavenging ooze came out of a commander deck and was instantly legacy playable with a small print run so it demanded a high dollar price point back in the day. Now not so much, it hovers in the 5-6 dollar range. I really think this card is bonkers good in modern and is considered a cheap mans Tarmogoyf. Ooze has been seeing play in a lot of green variations including Jund. Ooze is more linked to Tarmogoyf mainly because it is a substitute so it will always hold some type of value. Going forward I could easily see ooze being in the 12-17 dollar range. With the non-promo foils fetching a 2x or 3x premium.


0-3 months: 3-6 dollars (Buy/Hold)

3-6 months:  7-10 dollars

12 months $15+






Shadowborn Apostle is interesting card because its buddies with Relentless Rats which are always fun. Don’t get me wrong the rats are a lot better but this has some flavor to it and someone will always be wanting to have a cool demon deck or 666 card deck. These are going to be a buy but only if you can pick them up as “through in” for trades. I wouldn’t by any means go out a buy them. They can bring anywhere from 1.50 – 2.00 and I think that is about all you can ever get out of them. But a lot of traders don’t know their worth, and I would always try to pick a few up if a trade is close.


The best sliver printed in the set….. Yes I said it. They fetch a whopping 5 bucks. This guy only gives your guys flying and is 1/1 flier himself. He isn’t going to win you any GPs or opens, but if we are talking making some money, this is your guy. Most players value him pretty low so you can get some pretty good trade deals for him. I would recommend, picking him up anywhere you can for 2-3 dollars in value. I don’t see him falling much below that. A few years from now he could be a 10 dollar card with flinching. Remember kids, slivers are popular with every casual player and will always have some appeal.



Until next time.


Matt Weber

Partner of Big Bear Vending