I Prevail


Fearless Records

19 August 2022

How do you embrace true power? If you have the mentality of the guys in I Prevail, you walk a path that is entirely of your own creating after becoming completely self-reliant.
I will be the first to admit that I didn’t give these guys enough credit after having heard their first release, the unbelievably catchy cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space in 2014, and then my first time seeing them in concert in 2015. Fast forward to 2022 and three additional concerts later, I grew to be impressed by the band’s live show and their consistency throughout their stage performances. I learned to appreciate the band’s music, their approach to messages of inclusion, and the authentic style the band has embraced.
The band’s third album, and follow-up to 2019’s sophomore release Trauma, True Power shows a more mature and evolved side of the band. Written and recorded during the Covid19 Pandemic, I have to wonder how differently the album would have sounded if the world had not been shutdown with the band isolated not just from themselves but from the outside world without the ability to tour.
With True Power, I Prevail continue down the Metalcore genre path they’ve made their own, but that path converges with hints of pop rock, and straight up heavy metal. As with every album, there are cuts that standout but the album is best to be experienced as a whole piece. Burkheiser’s cherub-like vocals continue to melt perfectly Vanlerberghe’s more guttural growls and screams. Along with Menoian’s thrashing riffs, the band has crafted an incredibly thunderous album that will likely influence the genre for future bands for years to come.

Brian Burkheiser — Vocals

Eric Vanlerberghe — Vocals

Steven Menoian — Guitars/Bass

Dylan Bowman — Guitars

Gabe Helguera — Drums