Magic The Gathering; Theros

A few of you began your journeys as Planeswalkers during the Brother’s War on Dominaria.  Others fought battles during the Ice Age as empires fell. Many joined the guilds of the world city of Ravnica or helped defend Innistrad during Avacyn’s absence.
Now begins your greatest journey in the 20 year history of Magic the Gathering. Now, fellow Planeswalkers, we travel to Theros, a world were the Gods walk amongst men and heroes stand toe to toe against monsters everyday.
Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Wizards of the Coast have released one of their most heroic and exciting expansion sets in the history of Magic the Gathering.
Theros introduces us to new heroes, diabolical monsters and the more interesting and challenging in game mechanic since the Legendary Creature; Heroic. The Heroic mechanic rewards players who utilize a creative Enchantment Aura deck to boost their creatures on the battlefield. Theros also introduces us to Legendary Enchantment Artifacts, Legendary Enchantment Creatures and the Bestow ability, which allows creatures to enter the battlefield as auras attached to other creatures.
The 249 card Theros set works great with M14 and the Ravnica block. Enchantment enhancing cards like Ethereal Armor were made to be played in a powerful white deck. Theros is full of Gorgans, Hydras, Zombies and Centaurs, each working in tandem with your spells to create an elaborate army to best defeat your opponent.
Overall Theros is a great expansion and can be played with other sets or, as the pre-release and release draft events proved, as a stand alone set. It’s the perfect addition for seasoned players and a perfect starting point for new Planeswalkers.
Currently I’ve added several cards from Theros to my Death Touch based black/green deck. I was thrilled to find so many Gorgan and Hyrda creature cards and built one of my most fun decks to play.
During the Theros pre-release weekend, I was lucky enough to pull a foil Elspeth, Sun’s Champion. Even though I only won a few matches on Friday and Sunday, I had a great time building decks and playing against new friends.

249 card set
September 21st, 2013
Wizards of the Coast