Dark Realms M14 Tournament Legal Deck

60 card tournament legal deck

Thrill-Kill Assassin
Lord of the Void
Xathrid Necromancer x2
Crypt Ghast x2
Shadow Alley Denizen x3
Liliana’s Reaver x4
Nightveil Specter x4
Liliana of the Dark Realms x2

Rise of the Dark Realms
Corrupt x2
Doom Blade x4
Grave Betrayal
Sanguine Bond x3

Staff of the Death Magus x3
Strionic Resonator x3
Elixir of Immortality x2

This is my first attempt at build a mono black deck who’s mechanics focus on gaining life. The combo of Sanguine Bond, Corrupt, Staff of the Death Magus and Elixir of Immortality work poerfectly together. Add in the Strionic Resonator, and you’re bound to pummel the other player.
The Strionic Resonator also works great with Liliana’s Reaver and the Nightveil Specter. Use Shadow Alley Denizen to give the Reaver or Specter intimidate and you’ll soon build an army of Zombie tokens and mill the other player’s deck. Make sure to use the Specter’s mechanic to cast their spells, especially if you’re taking land cards they’re about the exile.