Magic the Gathering; Orzhov Guild M13 Black/White Angel/Demon Deck

I honestly didn’t intend to build a token deck. I began playing Magic the Gathering with the release of it’s 3rd edition and since that time have been fascinated by the set’s vampires and angels. Having only a Serra Angel in the first few sets, I incorporated the Sengir Vampire into a black/white deck to better enhance my gaming skills.
The release of Legends and Ice Age included new angels and vampires, and the Fallen Empires and Homeland releases allowed me to add in more legendary creatures to build on my “Heaven and Hell” deck. Selenia, The Dark Angel was a perfect add in for me and I always loved having Baron Sengir in the battlefield.
Flash forward to 2013 and I found myself, after not playing for almost 15 years, once again relying on a black/white themed deck but this time the vampires creature cards are being replaced by demons.
With all the sets and blocks that I’ve purchased over the past 20 years, it’s the Innistrad block that has now become my favorite.
The addition of so many angels and artifacts like the Moonsilver Spear and Serraph Tomb helped me to create an amazing deck. Throw in the Dark Ascension version of Planeswalker Sorin, the legendary creature Avacyn and, with a little luck and skill, this deck is nearly unbeatable.
But this deck can also be a deck of patience. While Sorin is a four casting cost Planeswalker (ccbw) and allows you to put 1/1 black vampire tokens onto the battlefield, Avacyn, Angel of Hope (cccccww) makes your permanents indestructible. Combine this with the Moonsilver Spear (cccc/cccc) which puts a 4/4 flying angel into play whenever it’s equipped creature attacks, and you’ve got an amazing army building set of tools. My tip: Discard Avacyn and use Defy Death to bring her back on the battlefield with 2 +1/+1 counters and a cheaper casting cost.
The mechanics and purpose of this deck are pretty simple; build an army of angels, humans, vampires and spirits. Enchantments and creature abilities will help get the tokens battle ready and a few of the creatures power and toughness depend on the number of creatures/humans in play. The flashback mechanic helps to guarantee you have a continuous supply of creatures to overwhelm your opponent.

Adam’s Heaven & Hell Orzhov Guild Deck
M13 Tournament Legal
60 cards

Plains x 7
Swamps x 7
Seraph Sanctuary x 4
Orzhov Guildgate x 2
Vault of the archangel x 1
Isolated chapel x 1
Godless shrine x 1
Transguild promenade x 1

Wake the reflections x 2
Moonsilver spear x 3
Defy death x 2
Intangible virtue x 3
Commanders authority x 1
Elixir of immortality x 1
Increasing devotion x 2
Riot control x 2
Safe passage x 2
Sudden Disappearance x 2

Doomed Traveler x 2
Champion of the Parish x 1
Serra Avenger x 2
Vizkopa Guildmage x 1
Crusader of Odric x 1
Angel of Jubilation x 1
Desecration Demon x 1
Geist-honored Monk x 1
Urbis protector x 1
Lord of the Void x 1
Mikaeus, the Lunarch x 1
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad x1
Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts x 1
Avacyn, Angel of Hope x 1

15 card Side bar;
Call to serve x 3
Cursebreak x 2
Angelic edict x 3
Tithe drinker x 1
Deathpact angel x 1
Debt to the deathless x 2
Gilded lotus x 1
Tormod’s crypt x 2

Sorin Alt Photo