Harbinger #3


Harbinger #3
Valiant Comics
Valiant Entertainment
Joshua Dysart, Khari Evans, Lewis Larosa, Han Hannin

Dysart continues to introduce us to a world ruled by the possibly corrupt 1%, a world hiding extraordinarily gifted men and women, most of which hide their motives behind a handshake, a promise and kind word. Evans’ art heightens Dysart’s story of subterfuge within the Harbinger Foundation and Stancheck’s own need to fit in to a place that he may not be made for.

Picking up right where Harbinger #2 leaves off, Pete Stancheck is forced into the realization that his powers may be too much for him to handle without the help of Toyo Harada and his Harbinger Foundation. But does Harada hide ulterior motives for wanting to teach Stancheck how to use his powers to their fullest potential? Will Stancheck learn how to fit in to a school of equally gifts youths, most of which have already made up their minds about why Stancheck was hand picked by Harada himself? And have Faith, Valiant Fans. This issue promises to re-introduce us to another fan favorite character that so many of us have been hoping to see return to the fold.

While I’m a diehard fan of the original Valiant Universe, Dysart once again impresses me with this updated version of the classic stories that first drew me to Valiant back in the early 90’s. The names and faces are familiar but Evans, Larosa and Hannin put a new spin on our favorite heroes and villians of the Valiant Universe. The stories within these pages continue to build on the foundation that was layed only a few short months ago and are Dysart is already dropping hints to what should be a massive cross-over with Valiant’s other titles in the very near future.