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Otep; Sounds Like Armageddon

Sounds Like Armageddon
November 6th, 2012
Victory Records

If only more bands cared enough about their fans to release live albums with as much intensity as Otep has. Sounds Like Armageddon combines every spectacular aspect of Otep’s live shows into one release that is available for all the fans who’ve never been able to witness Shamaya’s live rituals.
Selecting tracks recorded during her 2012 Destory to Create Tour, the album offers us a view of the Otep Shamaya who is a true artist. The tracks selected for this tour’s setlist encompass the young woman’s decade long journey through a metal genre landscape that is still mostly ruled by men, focusing on fan favorite tracks from Shamaya’s extensive discography.
Shamaya’s live vocals continue to be at the peak of perfection and being backed by a band that understands the level of creativity that their lead vocalist has obtained greatly enhances the urgency, sorrow and frustration of each song played. Nearly every track is introduced by pieces of Shamaya’s poetry, further expanding the personal meaning of the lyrics contained within each song.
Her live band now comprised by Ari Mihalopoulos, Erik Tisinger and Chase Brickenden, members of the now defunct Iowa metal band Destrophy, Otep continues to deliver thought provoking albums who’s tracks, when heard in a live venue, heighten the senses. Sounds Like Armageddon showcases  Shamaya’s prowess behind the mic and proves she deserves the title of “lyrical assassin”.

Battle Ready
Blood Pigs
Crooked SPoons
Rise, Rebel, Resist
My Confession
Fists Fall

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