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Northlane; ALIEN

Northlane A1IEN August 2nd, 2019 Track listing:

“Details Matter” “Bloodline” “4D” “Talking Heads” “Freefall” “Jinn” “Eclipse” “Rift” “Paradigm” “Vultures” “Sleepless” I love finding new music, and this hobby gives me the opportunity to be introduced to so many amazing bands throughout the world that wouldn’t normally be on my radar. Scrolling through Reddit’s /r/metalcore […]

Hanzel und Gretyl; Fur Immer

October 8th, 2013 Metroplois Records

While “Hanzel und Gretyl Für Immer” is an album comprised entirely of remixes of their previous release, “Born To Be Heiled”, the new interpretations of these tracks shine a whole new light on the studio versions released last year and prove that HuG is not a typical death metal band. […]

Nine Inch Nails; Hesitation Marks

Hesitation Marks August 30th, 2013 Columbia Records

While not what many of the so-called hardcore Nine Inch Nails fans would consider a typical NIN release, Hesitation Marks is none the less an amazing body of work. Influences from Trent Reznor’s career can be heard through the release. Being Reznor’s eigth studio album, Hesitation Marks shows […]

A Perfect Circle; Three Sixty

A Perfect Circle Three Sixty (Standard and Deluxe Edition) Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) November 19th, 2013

I hesitate to call A Perfect Circle’s Three Sixty release a “Greatest Hits” album. The phrase often means a band is finished making music and their label wants to squeeze every penny they can out of the band’s fans. […]

Filter; The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Filter The Sun Comes Out Tonight June 4th, 2013 Wind-up Records

Filter’s 6th studio album, and their first on Wind-up Records, once again finds founder Richard Patrick’s muse evolving into a larger animal. Patrick aimed for the album to sound like “…something that was exactly like Short Bus (Filter’s 1995 debut release) but done in […]

Otep; Sounds Like Armageddon

Otep Sounds Like Armageddon November 6th, 2012 Victory Records

If only more bands cared enough about their fans to release live albums with as much intensity as Otep has. Sounds Like Armageddon combines every spectacular aspect of Otep’s live shows into one release that is available for all the fans who’ve never been able to […]


The wait is finally over.OTEP‘s first ever LIVE album titled Sounds Like Armageddon is out today!

OTEP comments “On this live album, you get a real ritual… the poetry, the passion, the intensity of our souls bleeding thru the songs. We worked really hard on this and we hope you love it.”

HALO 4 Original Soundtrack

Halo 4 Original SOundtrack 343 Industries October 19th, 2012

Let’s get a few things out of the way first. I am not a gamer. The last video game I played was Super Mario for Wii. I’ve never played any of the HALO releases but I admit that they look great and I would someday like […]


Bona fide heavy metal front woman and activist OTEP Shamaya has rallied up the tribe and is ready to deliver the first LIVE album of her career, entitled Sounds Like Armageddon, out November 6th. If you haven’t had a chance to see her in action now is your time to hear her roar.


The Birthday Massacre; Hide and Seek; Track 8; In This Moment

The Birthday Massacre Hide and Seek October 9th, 2012 Metropolis Records

In This Moment is such a beautiful track, a true powerhouse of a rock ballad. As the track’s titles suggests, the song is all about living in the here and now. Chibi’s vocals rise to a new level and soar above the sonic landscape […]

Green Day ¡Uno! Now Streaming In-Full Via The Band’s Facebook Page Powered By Nokia Music/AT&T‏


Beginning today, Green Day’s forthcoming album Green Day ¡Uno! is available to stream in its entirety a week prior to it’s official release date via the band’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/greenday), powered by Nokia Music / AT&T. To hear […]

In This Moment; Blood

In This Moment Blood August 2012 Century Media

As a whole, BLOOD is as emotional rollercoaster. Brink grabs us by the hand leads us through an often apocalyptic aural landscape full of despair, rage, desolation and regret. While on the journey I’m torn between the tracks that make me want to breakdown and sob […]