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Valiant Preview: Venditti & Hairsine Enter PLANET DEATH in X-O MANOWAR #9!‏

The most ambitious X-O Manowar event EVER – Planet Death – kicks off this January with a two-part prologue beginning in X-O Manowar #9 by New York Times best-selling authorRobert Venditti and comics superstar Trevor Hairsine! Jump on board one of the most buzzed about books of the year as X-O Manowar ignites an interstellar […]

Your First Look Inside PLANET DEATH in X-O MANOWAR #9!‏

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Valiant Voice, the offical newsletter of Valiant Comics! X-O MANOWAR #9 Descends on PLANET DEATH!

The most ambitious X-O Manowar event EVER – Planet Death – kicks off this January with a two-part prologue beginning in X-O Manowar #9 by New York Times best-selling author Robert Venditti […]

The Walking Dead; Season 2, Interview with Swamp Walker

The following is a transcript taken from a recorded interview a former Revenant Media correspondent conducted with the Swamp Walker from AMC’s The Walking Dead. The Interviewer’s name has been witheld until family can be notified.

Guys, I’m not so sure about this.

*Radio Speaker* You’ll be ok. Just don’t look nervous.

Don’t look nervous?! […]

Archer and Armstrong #4

Archer and Armstrong #4 November 2012 Valiant Entertainment

Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry, Pere Perez

Van Lente, you crafty S.O.B. Nazi Monks. Ninja Nuns. The Sect. Subterfuge. Deception. Betrayal? Nudity?? The Sect have found all the pieces of The Boon and now, with the help of the Nazi Lamas, are ready to gift themselves the […]

Bloodshot #5

Bloodshot #5 The Rise and Fall; Part 1 November 2012 Valiant Antertainment Duane Swierczynski, Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi

Project Rising Spirit won’t know what hit them and by the looks of the last page of Bloodshot #5, neither will Bloodshot. Swierczynski continues to impress with his art of story telling. Subtle hints about Bloodshot’s past […]

Otep; Sounds Like Armageddon

Otep Sounds Like Armageddon November 6th, 2012 Victory Records

If only more bands cared enough about their fans to release live albums with as much intensity as Otep has. Sounds Like Armageddon combines every spectacular aspect of Otep’s live shows into one release that is available for all the fans who’ve never been able to […]


The wait is finally over.OTEP‘s first ever LIVE album titled Sounds Like Armageddon is out today!

OTEP comments “On this live album, you get a real ritual… the poetry, the passion, the intensity of our souls bleeding thru the songs. We worked really hard on this and we hope you love it.”

Dysart & Suayan Tell Past and Future in HARBINGER #0‏

For a better future. Or no future at all.

This February, the critically acclaimed, breakout series of the year goes back to the beginning with Harbinger #0 — featuring the origin of the most powerful and most feared man in the Valiant Universe, Toyo Harada. From New York Times best-selling author Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier, […]

Emily Kinney; The Walking Dead: Beth Greene

As some of you know, a few month ago, Revenant Media under went a massive facelift after Godaddy upgraded their PHP and we lost 100% of the old site’s content. Re-posted here is an interview I did with Nebraska native Emily Kinney who plays Beth Greene on AMC’s The Walking Dead back in May of […]

Valiant Preview: BLOODSHOT #5 Begins the Assault on Project Rising Spirit!

BLOODSHOT #5 Begins the Assault on Project Rising Spirit!

“The Rise & The Fall” starts here! Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Bloodshot #5 – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new arc by writer Duane Swierczynski and artists Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi, and a perfect jumping-on point for the series […]

Shiny Toy Guns; III


Shiny Toy Guns III October 23rd, 2012

With the release of the band’s third full length album, Shiny Toy Guns once again find a place in the hearts and souls of their followers. While the band’s sophomore release, co-fronted by Sisley Treasure, was more focused on the heavier, industrial sound, the return of Carah […]

Flyleaf; New Horizons

Flyleaf New Horizons October 30th, 2012 AM/Octone Records

With the release of New Horizons, Flyleaf’s 3rd major label album, the band continues to spread their messages of hope and perseverance through heavy hitting rock anthems, all the while being a voice for the voiceless. Vocalist and founder, Lacey Sturm, reminds us on tracks like “Fire, […]


Bona fide heavy metal front woman and activist OTEP Shamaya has rallied up the tribe and is ready to deliver the first LIVE album of her career, entitled Sounds Like Armageddon, out November 6th. If you haven’t had a chance to see her in action now is your time to hear her roar.


Pre-Order Flyleaf’s New Album ‘New Horizons’‏


New Horizons, the new album from Flyleaf, will be available on October 30th. Album includes 11 new recordings featuring tracks “New Horizons”, “Call You Out” and “Broken Wings”. CDs include a fold-out poster with art inspired by Pat Seals.


How To Destroy Angels set to release “An Omen EP” Nov 13th

Announced a few short hours ago, Trent Reznor’s How To Destroy Angels sign to Columbia Records and are dropping their 2nd EP on November 13th.

Trent Reznor

Sorry for the radio silence lately… I’ve been busy! There’s a number of things to be revealed over the coming months. Some you may expect, others you may […]