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Zombie and Manson’s Twins of Evil Tour coming to an early end? @rwzombie @gingerfishnet @marilynmanson

Sounds like things are getting heated during Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s co-headlining Twins of Evil tour.

Manson’s Chicago set was cut short due to the band’s being late taking the stage and it seems that tensions were running high last night during the Detroit concert.

Thousands of fans witnessed the fued first-hand. One had this to say. “Yeah, unfortunately it wasn’t pretty. First Manson came out to do his encore and said he needed to cut it short because he needed to kick someone’s ass. While singing ‘Beautiful People’ Manson kept talking about MF this person and they were going to get their ass kicked.
Then Zombie came out and did his intro song and after he said “does this (my) ass looked kicked?”  Zombie went on to add, “We toured with everybody, Pantera, Danzig, Megadeth, Testament, Slayer, you name it. It’s always been fucking great, but some tours do not fucking go together. Cuz some people are just so full of shit it’s fucking crazy. Anyway, that’s bullshit.”
I believe Zombie also made comments that the tour may be coming to an end. Later, before doing their cover of Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”, Zombie said Alice Cooper was “the only real shock rocker, not some wannabe”, and that “Brian can suck it”. I believe he also said Fuck you Manson. He also got John5 to say Fuck you Manson as well. I kinda felt like John might have been caught in the middle. That’s not all Zombie said, but that’s the gist of it.”

Rob Zombie released this statement this morning via the band’s Facebook page;

As stupid as this all is, I feel I must clear things up a little better. First off, I want to thank all the fans who came out in the freezing cold in Detroit last night. It was a total blast as always.Unfortunately things turned ugly backstage. Why? I don’t know, but for some reason our touring partner decided to end his set by blaming me for something that I had nothing to do with and screamin…

g he was going to “kick Rob Zombie’s ass as soon as he got off stage”.Go figure. I was backstage hanging, watching the show thinking “hey this is gonna be a great night”, when suddenly he starts screaming threats. So strange. I don’t get it. Christ, I’ve known some of his crew for 20 fucking years and some of his crew used work for me. It’s all good. No one would fuck with someone’s show. It is ridiculous.Well, of course I felt the need to respond to the ” kick my ass remark”. Who wouldn’t? Although I wish I had kept it backstage and kept the fans out of it. It is all 4rd grade fight after school nonsense of which I have never dealt with on tour before. Co-headlining tours always go smooth because everything is cut 50/50 and I mean everything. No one fucks with anyone’s show. It is even fucking Steven.

I’ve done it co-headlining tours many times before and have had no troubles. Not with Pantera, Slayer, Alice Cooper, Korn, Megadeth or anyone ever. So I didn’t expect any troubles on this. It seemed like a great idea at the time.

But shit happens. Anyway, sorry to the fans who had to dealt with the embarrassing stupidity of it all. We are all there for the same reasons to give you the best show ever… that’s it.”

I’m happy they made it through the tour long enough for me to have seen it. Each band puts on an amazing show but I think that when you get two artists of this caliber together, egos are bound to clash and jealousies will rise. Especially with half of Zombie’s current band being former members of Manson’s band and none leaving on good terms.

My suggestions? Get over it. Get on stage. Play a kick ass show and don’t let down your thousands of fans. Plain and simple.

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