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Marilyn Manson, Picture Me Broken; July 3rd, 2014, Omaha, Nebr

Marilyn Manson Picture Me Broken July 3rd, 2014 Omaha, Nebraska Sokol Auditorium Sold out

The dedication of Marilyn Manson’s fan will never cease to inspire me. People started lining up during the early morning hours of the day and suffered without complaint through the hot and humid Omaha summer day. The show had nearly sold […]

Marilyn Manson, July 3rd, 2013; Omaha, Nebraska, Sokol Auditorium

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Marilyn Manson, July 3rd, 2013; Omaha, Nebraska, Sokol Auditorium

The Flower Duet (Lakmé) (Léo Delibes) Intro, Angel […]

Marilyn Manson, July 3rd, 2013, Omaha, Nebraska, Sokol Auditorium

Marilyn Manson July 3rd, 2013 Omaha, Nebraska Sokol Auditorium

The Flower Duet (Lakmé) (Léo Delibes) Intro Angel With the Scabbed Wings Disposable Teens No Reflection Little Horn The Dope Show (w/ Happiness Is a Warm Gun intro) Rock Is Dead Four Rusted Horses Personal Jesus mOBSCENE Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) This Is the […]

Twiggy Ramirez, July 3rd, 2013, Omaha, Nebraska at Legend Comics and Coffee

It was great meeting Twiggy Ramirez and touring keyboardist Spencer while the band was in Omaha. Twiggy was gracious and we chatted for about half an hour while the guys were enjoying New Comicbook Day here in Omaha at Legend Comics and Coffee. Twiggy, Spencer and I chatted about movies and comicbooks like a bunch […]

Zombie and Manson’s Twins of Evil Tour coming to an early end? @rwzombie @gingerfishnet @marilynmanson

Sounds like things are getting heated during Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s co-headlining Twins of Evil tour.

Manson’s Chicago set was cut short due to the band’s being late taking the stage and it seems that tensions were running high last night during the Detroit concert.

Thousands of fans witnessed the fued first-hand. One had […]

Twins of Evil Tour, October 8th, 2012 (DJ Starscream, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie)

Twins of Evil Tour October 8th, 2012 Pershing Center Lincoln, Nebraksa

DJ Starscream Marilyn Manson Rob Zombie

After nearly 20 years, finally, two of the biggest names in the industrial/shock-rock/metal genre are finally on tour together. The Twins of Evil was long over due but well worth the wait. For those of you, whom like […]

Marilyn Manson, The Pretty Reckless; Hey Cruel World Tour 05-08-2012

Hey Cruel World … Tour 2012

May 8th, 2012

Des Moines, Iowa

Val Air Ballroom

Sold Out


One never knows what to expect from a Marilyn Manson concert. Tonight’s show marked my 9th time seeing the band live, and each show has proven to be more intense than the previous, even when seeing […]