Twiggy Ramirez, July 3rd, 2013, Omaha, Nebraska at Legend Comics and Coffee

It was great meeting Twiggy Ramirez and touring keyboardist Spencer while the band was in Omaha.
Twiggy was gracious and we chatted for about half an hour while the guys were enjoying New Comicbook Day here in Omaha at Legend Comics and Coffee. Twiggy, Spencer and I chatted about movies and comicbooks like a bunch of nerds catching up on current events. It’s great to find out that musicians I’ve idolized for nearly 2 decades share similiar interests. I’m sure Twiggy and I will be at the midnight screening of Pacific Rim and I’m more than a little jealous that Ramirez has had the chance to see Man of Steel 3 times. I even got to have an approved fanboy moment while Twiggy and Spencer signed a few of my CD booklets. Ramirez even asked if I wanted a picture and said we needed to take two shots to make sure they all turned out.
Ramirez promised an amazing set. Tonight’s show in Omaha is going to be amazing.