Love & Death: Perfectly Preserved

Love & Death
Perfectly Preserved
February 12th, 2021

Brian “Head” Welch’s Love & Death has returned after nearly a decade long hiatus. For the current incarnation of Love & Death, Welch has enlisted the talents of Breaking Benjmain guitarist, bassist and co-songwriter Jasen Rauch. My last live concert was Korn, and Breaking Benjamin in February 0f 2020, right before the U.S.A. ineffectively shutdown because of Covid19. We likely have the pandemic to thank for Perfectly Preserved’s release. Because touring in the U.S. ended nearly a year ago, this gave Welch and Rauch time to complete the album. Completing this definitive lineup as they charge into their next chapter are the band’s original guitarist, JR Bareis, who now shares vocal duties with Welch, and powerhouse drummer Isaiah Perez. 
From the haunting piano chords of “Infamy”, through the gutteral growls of “Tragedy”, and into the crashing guitars of “Death of Us”, Love & Death have officially returned after their near decade long hiatus. This album is the reminder that we need that Welch and Rauch are more than just the Stage Right and Stage Left of Korn and Breaking Benjamin. While both are as equally passionate about their music with their respective bands, their creations with Love & Death are an incredible extensions of their talents. The addition of Keith ‘Breaking Benjamin’ Wallen on “The Hunter”, and Ryan ‘Righteous Vendetta’ Hayes on “White Flag” was a nice surprise and hopefully a hint of what may come when touring in the U.S. resumes. What I never expected though was for Welch to cover DJ Snake and Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” and I damn near fell out of my earbuds when Lacey Sturm began to sing. The metal infused pop song can only be described as perfect. The cover song just proves that music cannot be contained into any single genre.
If there’s one thing we have come to expect from Welch its that, no matter which band he’s creating music with, there’s a deep level of authenticity and emotional honesty worked into every musical note. The subject matter of the songs within Perfectly Preserved touch on some socially taboo subjects though; depression, suicidal thoughts, emotional darkness, and loss of love. Welch will forever be the reminder we all needed though that no matter how dark the night, there will always be a bright dawn.

Let Me Love You (featuring Lacey Sturm)
Death of Us
Slow Fire
The Hunter (featuing Keith Wallen)
Lo Lamento
White Flag (featuring Ryan Hayes)

Love and Death Are
Brian “Head” Welch – Vocals, Guitar
Jasen Rauch – Bass
JR Bareis – Guitar, Vocals
Isaiah Perez – Drums
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