SLAVES: To Better Days

To Better Days
7 August 2020
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Revenant Rating 9/10

‘To Better Days’, the followup to the band’s 2018 chart topping release ‘Beautiful Death’, will mark “the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another” for SLAVES. The album covers the insurmountable struggles that SLAVES have faced over the last year, bother personal and professional, and how they fought tooth and nail to beat the odds and push their way through.
With the release of seven singles from the album, most of which came during the height of the COVID19 Pandemic, the band delivered a glimpse of the intensity that ‘To Better Days’ has to offer. Not surprising, thus far those singles have amassed over 6 million streams collectively.
What you think you might know about the obstacles the band has faced only scratches the surface of the inspiration behind the album’s songs. The best music comes from living through one of three experiences; Love, loss, or anger.
Imagine “To Better Days” as a house and each song is a different room of that house. As we move from room to room, listening to track by track, we see familiarity throughout the house, a kindred spirit found within each song. Whether its the self-doubt of “Talk to a Friend”, the confrontational nature in each of us that’s expressed in “Witch Hunt”, or the humbling realization that we’re investing in someone who isn’t worthy of our attention during “Eye Opener”, we can all relate to the lyrical content of the album’s tracks.
“Footprints” is a departure from the dark visceral emotions throughout the rest of the album’s tracks, and shines a warm light on the path of loving someone. The band has managed to weave together an amazing tapestry of emotions, pushing through darkness and fear, to deliver a sense of hope throughout the album.
As they close the book on the final chapter of SLAVES, “To Better Days” will surpass your highest expectations for the band.
Slaves consists of drummer Zack Baker, guitarists Wes Richmond and Felipe Sanchez, bassist and founder Colin Vieira, and vocalist Matt McAndrew who was NBC’s The Voice season 7 runner-up for Team Adam. Currently added to Octane SiriusXM , Spotify’s “Rock Hard” Playlist, and Apple music’s “Breaking Hard Rock”, the band is posed to deliver an album that breaks into Billboard’s top 200 charts.


To Better Days
Witch Hunt
Talk To A Friend
Eye Opener
Bury A Lie
Wasting My Youth
Clean Again
Like I Do