Evanescence: s/t 2003 (Throwback Review)

Windup Records 2003

Evanescence has been compared to Sarah McLachlan singing over NINE INCH NAILS. And it is a valid comparison. I personally would compare the sound to an evolved version of kidneythieves, or an industrial version of Natalie Imbruglia. Amy Lee’s vocals mix perfectly with Ben Moody’s music. Ballads set on fire, which you are frantically trying to stamp out. The imagery I get when listening to “FALLEN” can not be compared to any other band. The tracks are seamlessly woven together, moving from thought to thought. Paul McCoy of 12 Stones, and fellow Windup Records alumni, lent his vocal talents to “Bring Me to Life”, enhancing the power and passion behind the track. “Haunted”, a dark and melodic swan song, would have fit well in “Queen of the Damned”. On “Hello” Amy seems to be calling to that faceless voice, asking for some kind of emotional salvation. It takes a very determined group to add a choir as backing vocals. Including the Millennium Choir on four tracks only enhances the Gothic perception on “Fallen” and gives one chills as you enjoy the aural assault.

Amy Lee proves her worth and along with this backing band, is more then able to stand up against the most angst ridden guy behind a microphone.

Who would have thought an Industrial-Alternative act, also a little Gothic, would come from Little Rock, Arkansas? The Mid-Western states are becoming a hot box for incredible music. KAZR, Lazer 103.3 in Des Moines, has recently put their debut single into rotation. Not a small thing, considering KAZR seems to spin anything but METALLICA, LIMP BIZKIT and SOUNDGARDEN/RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE/AUDIOSLAVE.

“Bring Me to Life”, the debut single, and “My Immortal” are both featured in the “DAREDEVIL” movie as well as on the soundtrack. Their placement in the movie only enhanced their corresponding scenes. This helped the band create a strong enough following to debut the album at No. Seven on the Billboard charts. An amazing feat for a debut band.

Jay Baumgardner, the sixth and unofficial member of ORGY, mixed “Bring Me to Life” and yet again proves himself as a master mixer. The band has firmly set itself as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Even though the tracks seem dark and brooding, there is a positive message to them. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and its not a train.