Emily Kinney 2012 Post The Walking Dead Season 2 Interview

Going through old files, I found an interview I did with Emily Kinney back in 2012 in between the 2nd and 3rd season of the show. Kinney was one of the first actors I’ve interviewed.

- The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 11 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Revenant Media: As a small town Nebraska native, what values did you take away with you as you took the leap of faith and moved to the big city to pursue your acting and musician career?

Emily Kinney: My parents were never the type of people that said, ‘That’s not possible’….they were very dreamy….it was like if you want to do something then go do it….why not me?-kind-of-attitude. I took that with me. I think all the people i grew up with have stuck with me and I constantly feel myself going back to those people as I explore different acting roles…..their personalities, what is important to people in the midwest or small towns.

RM: I listened to your debut EP, Blue Toothbrush, yesterday, it’s really catchy and very clever. When you’re writing the lyrics, do you draw more inspiration from your own life’s experiences or from seeing what’s going on around you?

EK: Both. But I guess it’s a way to make sense of the things I’m going through so it’s more of my own experiences. But you know, sometimes I hear someone talk about something they are going through and something they say will resonate with me and stick with me and I take it into my writing. Sometimes I start with one idea and it becomes a different story. Each song is different.


RM: How was it returning back to Nebraska Wesleyan University, from which you graduated and helping with their production of Spring Awakening?

EK: I loved every minute of it. I hope I get to help with another show or get a chance to direct or teach again. I just love theatre so much and I love helping and passing on the craft to others. Plus, that’s just an amazing show to be working on whether you are in it or directing or designing or whatever!!

RM: Not many fans of The Walking Dead realize you’re also a recording artist. Any plans on releasing a full length album or touring in 2012?

EK: I definitely want to record a couple of songs I’ve been playing live recently…so I’m starting to make plans for another short EP. I would love to record a full length album, but that would take some more funding and right now….writing songs and playing shows is actually costing me more money then making any money, but I love it and have a hope that someday I will break even somehow…..haha….but more importantly, I mostly hope that as many people that want to enjoy the music I make get a chance to hear and enjoy!

RM: Speaking of The Walking Dead, you play Beth Greene, a character not found in the comic books. Do you find it easier to play a character who isn’t as defined as those currently on the show who are mainstays in the comic book series?

EK: I think the more information you have about a character the better, but in some ways it was fun to not have any idea and just really go with what they gave me and fill in the gaps with my own imagination! Even though she’s not in the comics there is definitely useful information about the world of the show and the Greene family in the comic books to take into consideration.

RM: Were you a fan of the graphic novels before auditioning for this role?

EK: I knew of it, but I hadn’t really checked it out as much as I have now.

RM: What do you imagine Beth and Jimmy’s first date was like? Dinner? Movie? Long walk through the corn fields?

EK: Well Beth and Jimmy are in a small town and in high school. I imagine it was something like movie with friends in town or even just hanging out at the football game together. Maybe a school dance they went to together? Pretty innocent and low key. Nothing too serious.

RM: Can you tell us about your first day on the set? How did it feel to walk on “the farm” and set foot inside the Greene’s house for the first time?

EK: It really is a beautiful home and Hershel’s farm reminds me of my grandparent’s farm. My first day on sent was right after flying in from NYC. Sooo awesome and somewhat overwhelming. I was soo excited and I was meeting all these new people, plus figuring out living situation and nervous. I went out to the house the first day. It reminded me of some of the homes of friends or family that lived in the country outside of the town I grew up in in Nebraska. It had that feel of home actually.

RM: Growing up in a rural area, did filming on the farm make you miss home?

EK: I always wish I had more time with my family, and at certain times being in the environment of the Greene house mad me miss the relaxed vibe of Nebraska or made me think about times growing up, but overall I’m a city girl!!

RM: In the opening sequence of Nebraska, Beth is attacked by her Zombie mother. When you first read the script, were you concerned that this scene would have ended with you being bitten and being sent off to Walker School?

EK: Yes! I remember the morning I got the script, reading very closely exactly what was happening in those scenes….I was like “Okay, so there is no scratching or biting involved…what a relief!!! Beth wants to LIVE!!”


RM: Beth’s actions during 18 Miles Out have caused a huge stir with the fans. While Andrea and Lori both make valid points about ultimately who’s decision it is to keep Beth safe and prevent her from taking her own life, what’s your opinion on Beth’s actions?

EK: I think that it’s a scary world and Beth didn’t see any way out. I think she’s also deeply depressed about losing so many important people in her life. I also think she is scared and feels out of control. Deciding to end your life is a way to feel you are taking control. I don’t know what the Right thing to do is in a world like that, but I’m glad she decided to live and fight.

RM: Where do you think Beth found the strength and hope to continue going on despite horric odds of survival during the zombie apocalypse?

EK: Her sister and father.

RM: No one expected Jeffrey DeMunn’s character to be killed off in Judge, Jury, Executioner. Working so closely with each other, I’ve heard numerous cast members say it’s more like working with family members. What was the mood of the cast during the filming of Dale’s final scenes, especially his funeral?

EK: Very, very sad. I really liked working with him.

RM: What’s an average day of shooting like? Is there such a thing as an “average day” on the set of The Walking Dead?

EK: No average day. Always different hours and set ups. Though for certain episodes, you get into a rhythm like if the episode takes place mostly at the farm, or at night, you get into a rhythm of when you arrive at set and such. There’s always time in makeup and hair and time in your trailer with a bit of breakfast or coffee before you start shooting. Lunch break is always fun….I love seeing the zombies and everyone covered in blood and the crew sitting together and enjoying a little break.

RM: What has been your favorite episode or scene to film so far? And what made that moment so memorable?

EK: I loved shooting the finale, because running from zombies and doing night shoots is hard but sooooo exciting!!!! I though it was very emotional as we lost Patricia and Jimmy….:( I loved the 18 Miles Out episode and getting a chance to reveal more about Beth and her hurting and since she finally was speaking parts, I got a chance to learn more about her as well!.

RM: Are there any special rituals you have before walking on set to record your scenes? Say a little prayer? High five the closest walker?

EK: Every scene is different so I think requires a little something different. I’m still learning what works for me. I’ve found finding the right music to listen to before a scene is very helpful.

RM: Without spoiling anything, what are your expectations for Beth in the 3rd season?

EK: I know nothing!! I have no idea!!! I’m hoping Beth gets to kill a zombie!!! Beth wants to LIVE!!!