Artist Spotlight: Pickwick Commons

You don’t wait for opportunity to find you when you are Indianapolis’s Pickwick Commons, you go out and create your own. Touring relentlessly since becoming a full time band in May of 2017, the Midwest progressive modern hardcore act has been across the country and back purely on their own work ethic and desire to perform.

With a message that is built heavily upon self-reflection, the band has established their sound across their Split EP “Short Lived” and their 2018 single “Conjuncture” as being emotional, groovy, and brutal. Complex time signatures, melodic riffs, and crushing breakdowns are accented by the four-piece’s use of three vocalists that promise a unique take on modern heavy music.

Operating as DIY so far for Pickwick Commons hasn’t been about “doing it yourself,” but about “learning how to do it and doing it right.” Self-produced, self-booked, and self-managed hasn’t held them back from building their following heavily in the Midwest and expanding beyond constantly with tour after tour and word of mouth.

With promises of a new album on its way that pushes their prior musical boundaries, the band has set 2018 to be only bigger and crazier than they could have ever imagined when the four set out in 2017. With Vans Warped Tour dates and over 100 shows under their belt and on the horizon, there’s only one thing for certain: don’t sleep on Pickwick Commons.

“Weak Bones” will be available on March 15th. Our first single “Suffer” is available now on the band’s website and Spotify! They’re doing all of this without label support, so please check out thier Pre-Order bundles below.

“Suffer” Music Video:
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