Flatfoot 56: The Vancouver Sessions

Flatfoot 56
The Vancouver Sessions
25 May, 2018
Sailor’s Grave Records

The Vancouver Sessions EP is not what I expected to come from the Chicago based Celtic Rockers. Flatfoot 56 have reworked 4 of their previously released tracks into more melodic, and calming pieces.  These re-envisioned cuts have a more relaxed feel to them than their highly energetic original versions. Instead of the thrashing guitars, amped upped drums, and heavy bass, these new arrangements feature traditional instruments like the Irish whistle, the Uilleann Bagpipes, accordion and the Irish bones. The band has created something raw and authentic with these tracks, and something that longtime fans of the band would not have expected. “Penny” is a brilliant example. The track, originally found on the band’s Odd Boat release and clocking in at just over two minutes, has been extended to just over four minutes as the duet companions itself with acoustic guitars and softer drums.
This EP shows an incredible amount of depth and growth from a band who’s live shows generally cause the crowds to ruckus and brawl in the pits. It’s rare for a band of the punk genre to be able to rework their heaviest material into such ethereal, nearly acoustic tracks yet still maintain the level of energy initially harnessed. Showing this side of the band will undoubtedly open them up to new fans and a whole new set during their live shows.

Cain (re-envisioned)
How Long
I Believe It (re-envisioned)
Penny (re-envisioned)
Take Hold Again (re-envisioned)

Flatfoot 56 is:

Tobin Bawinkel (Lead vocals, Rhythm guitar)
Kyle Bawinkel (Bass, vocals)
Brandon Good (Mandolin, Guitar, and vocals)
Eric McMahon (Bagpipes, Guitar, and vocals)
Conrad Allsworth (Drums, vocals)
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