Razorwire Halo: Retaliate

I’ve had the chance to see Razorwire Halo’s live show twice in the past several years. Once in their home city while opening for The Dreaming, and most recently here in Omaha opening for Tim Skold.
Their live show is a truly visceral experience that encompasses audio and visual sensations. Their music struck me as an amalgamation of several of my favorite industrial and metal bands, but they push the limits of what those genres hold. I never expected just how brutal their studio music would be.
The band’s upcoming EP is nothing short of masterful. With Retaliate, the band continues to evolve their unique style of music while paying tribute to the musicians that have inspired them on their journey.
Each track on its own creates a sonically distorted glimpse of reality. The industrial, sex driven grooves of Sweat. The pulsating beats of TNMLTB. The catchy hooks encompassed within Pretty. The post-apocalyptic grinding guitars of Liar. The hammering thrusts of Supernova. Each track is finely crafted with a precision that is rarely found within an unsigned band.
Combined though, the tracks within Retaliate paint an incredibly ominous aural landscape. Finding yourself within these sonic walls isn’t like Mr. Tumnus taking you by the hand and cautiously leading you through Narnia. Razorwire Halo will grab you by the ankles and drag you kicking and screaming though their muse. Eventually you’ll give in though and find yourself at home. What’s a bit of pleasure without a little pain?
This band is definitely one that you need to be on the lookout for.

March 27th, 2018
The Revolution Is Silently Spoken
There’s Not Much Left To Believe