Ministry; AmeriKKKant

Nuclear Blast Records
March 8th, 2018

Creating music has always been about making a statement. Whether that statement is about empowering woman, equality for all, or disgust with the current political system, musicians have always used their craft to push the boundaries of how we view the world through their voice. Emotions also fuel the fires of creativity, and often produce the best musical results. Frustration. Fear. Disgust. Most importantly though, anger. Ministry founder and Godfather of the Industrial Metal genre, Al Jorgensen is angry and it’s that level of anger that was the catalyst to record one of Ministry’s heaviest releases.
For Ministry to release such a heavily political and anti-Trump album, potentially alienating an entire portion of their fanbase, really shows that Al Jorgensen is pissed at the current state of our country and political system.
Jorgensen uses various audio clips of then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump to craft some of the more gut-wrenching tracks I’ve ever heard, particularly in the album’s intro track, “I Know Words”. Had I not witnessed the news conferences during Trump’s campaign, I would have thought those clips were the fake news. It really pushes the sense of urgency in Jorgensen’s lyrics for “Twilight Zone” and “Victims of a Clown”, especially when coupled with the actual spoken words of our current President. Each clocking in at just over 8 minutes, both cuts assault the senses with Jorgensen’s guttural vocals and thunderous industrial beats. Even the harmonica fits perfectly into “Twilight Zone”. Imagining the sonic landscape crafted within the
Jorgensen again utilized voice clips of KKK and Neo-Nazi supporters and those who’s been on the receiving end of their hatred for “TV5/4Chan,” this time addressing the rampant racism that has infected our society. The appropriately titled “We’re Tired of It” follows and thrashes the listener with aggressive speed metal guitar riffs.
Jourgensen adding “Antifa” and “Wargasm” to Ministry’s 2017 North American Tour’s setlist gave us a glimpse of what would be found within “AmeriKKKant” before it’s official release, but I doubt any of us could imagine just how brutal the upcoming album would really be.
While the album’s rage reaches a pinnacle with Antifa, the caliber of the aural assault maintains sonic lethality into “Game Over” and “AmeriKKKa”, the later being the album’s 3rd and final track over 8 minutes in length.
Overall, “AMeriKKKant” paints the picture of a post-apocalyptic sonic landscape that could come to be in our near future if we don’t open our eyes and listen to the warning signs all around us. Personally, I’m thankful for Jorgensen being pissed, and slightly thankful for Trump being elected into office. Bands like Ministry are using our deeply corrupted political system as a catalyst and muse for releasing amazing albums. Also keep in mind that Jorgensen and Ministry are going strong well into their 4th decade as a band, and AmeriKKKant is their 14th studio album. Something only a handful of musicians can claim.
I applaud you, Buck Satan. Thank you for not selling out like so many others have.