Deuce; Invincible

Better Noise Records
December 1st, 2017
8/10 rating



Sophomore slump? Fuck that. Currently based in Portland, but not forgetting his City of Angels roots, Deuce’s Invincible is poised to secure his standing as one of the most promising underground rappers currently shredding the genre. The Hollywood Undead founder may have left the band 8 years ago, but Invincible is the masked musician’s opus magus, undoubtedly securing his immortality in the musical pantheon.
I was lucky enough to have seen the masked madman perform live with Hollywood Undead on several occasions, and was more than a bit bummed when he left the band. Thankfully Deuce’s sophomore release is the next natural step in his musical evolution from his 2012 solo debut release, Nine Lives. Recorded in both Los Angeles and Portland, Invincible’s recording process brought out polarizing emotions, and created the environment needed for Deuce to meld hip hop rhymes, thunderous heavy metal beats, and melodic choruses into an amalgamation rarely heard.
Personally, I prefer the cuts that are a little angrier. Invincible includes “World On Fire”, “Bitch This Is It”, and the lead single “Here I Come” which features eerie keys, chugging guitar, and an unshakable hook, “Until I die, I’m never fucking done.”
While his earlier solo work seems to have been focused on the anger he felt towards his former band mates, the aggression in more generalized with Invincible. I don’t think anyone other than Deuce can elaborate on that anger, but I imagine inspiration behind some of the tracks are taken from the current pseudo dystopian state of the world, and his own personal demons and relationships. But it’s not all profanity laced doom and gloom. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel in “Best of Me” and “Thank You”.
“The material we did in L.A. was a little angrier,” Deuce explains. “In Portland, it got more mellow and hip-hop. I think you can hear the difference.”
Yeah, buddy, we can, and we thank you for that.

Invincible can be pre-ordered on iTunes HERE. “Here I Come” is now available for streaming HERE.


 Invincible tracklisting:
01. Here I Come     3:04
02. Hells Gonna Break Loose     4:32
03. Bitch This Is It     3:35
04. Gone Tomorrow Here Today     3:53
05. World On Fire     4:05
06. My Buddy     4:54
07. Invincible     4:40
08. Bad Attitude     4:04
09. Best Of Me     3:44
10. Thank You     4:56
11. Catch Me If You Can     4:08
12. It’s Alright It’s Ok     5:08
13. Talking About You     5:01
14. Pull Me Under 5:10