Bringing Scares to your Halloween with this list of Scary Movies

Hey everyone! I wanted to do something a little different this year. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year and I wanted to embark on a horror journey with my wife. We have watched something that falls in the horror genre every night this month. I’m going to give you a quick synopsis of each so that you can decide what you would like to watch for your horror pleasure this Halloween!! I’ve tried to create a list that includes something for everyone. We’ve got old, still in theaters, funny, kid friendly, good, bad, so bad it is good… everything from whole TV series to quick shorts on YouTube. However long you have to celebrate and however much you want to get involved, there is something for you on this list.

Disclaimer: This is not a list of the best things nor is it in any particular order, just the order that we watched them in!


  1. The Shining TV Series – Having just listened to the audio book while driving to Colorado, I realized just how painfully different the Shining movie is from the actual story. This series follows the book much more closely and is very delightful. Though you would have to put in about 4.5 hours of time to get this done, I really did like it and would rather watch this than the regular movie any time.
  2. The Visit – When this came out in theaters, I was cautiously optimistic. When we saw this, however, I was very pleased. While the twist wasn’t that twisted and everything after the police lights was just too touchy feely for me, I actually enjoyed this movie far more than I hoped. I would suggest it to anyone who is really looking for a great new horror movie.
  3. Green Inferno – The most disturbing movie ever… I can’t say I agree with the hype. While there was a gory scene with an eyeball, it seemed gory just for the sake of gory. I found this movie to be a great disappointment because I had been looking forward to it for many years and it ended up being forgettable at best.
  4. Martyrs – This movie is on many lists as one of the most disturbing movies ever and it actually earns the right. The movie is well done and interesting, so many of the effects look real. If you are looking for the movie to give you real chills, it is this one. It’s not a slasher, it’s not a monster, it’s human beings. And that can just be the worst sometimes.
  5. Scream – A horror movie that knows it is a horror movie and chooses to poke fun at all the rules. You know when you watch a movie and you just want to yell at the actor, “Don’t go in there!”? Well, Scream might be just the movie that you will appreciate. Good for teenagers who are ready to take a step into the horror genre without drowning in fear.
  6. Would You Rather – This is an interesting “disturbing” movie that makes you consider just what you would be willing to do when not only your life is on the line but someone that you deeply care for. Also, it will drive home the idea that whatever it is you are willing to do, there will be consequences for those choices. An interesting movie for those of you who believe that there is no right answer.
  7. Contracted – What if the zombie virus is an STD? Patient Zero has a hard time getting a diagnosis in this unique start to a zombie apocalypse. Don’t watch this thinking you will see zombies everywhere like a normal zombie encounter but this movie brings an interesting view to how such an epidemic could arise.
  8. Igor – Here’s one for the kids. It’s fun and family friendly, well done, and not as overly watched as some of the movie options out there for the children. Highly enjoyable, Igor is one that anyone young at heart could enjoy.
  9. Reanimator – This hilarious romp of a B-movie Horror spectacle will brighten your day. While still a fairly interesting horror concept, there are moments where you cannot help but laugh. Honestly, if you love old horror movies for their oh so funny attempts at serious, you have been missing out on this one.
  10. Hatchet – This is one of my all time favorite slasher movies. I would even consider it one of the best. The effects are well done and the plot is entertaining. The ending is even fairly solid. This movie is worth a try.
  11. Casper – I always liked this movie as a kid, probably because of the adorable Christina Ricci, but it is still a decent movie today. Perfect for those with children who have started to grow out of the animated movies but don’t need to spend the entire night checking for monsters under the bed either.
  12. Monster House – I enjoyed this animated movie. Another children’s movie that I feel is underappreciated, this movie is pretty happy. Perfect for kids while still having those jokes that only adults get. “Oh, so it’s a girl house…” will still make me laugh every time.
  13. Friday the 13th – I like this movie because so many people die before the rest even catch on that there is something to be afraid of. The deaths are gory, sudden, and revengeful enough to please any horror fan’s palate. Just what you expect from one of the big names in horror!
  14. Clown – Eli Roth really did a number on this movie. The attention to detail is astounding, for example: when the clown blows his rainbow colored brains all over the wall. It’s dark, it’s twisted, and it is definitely rewatchable.
  15. Nail Biter – If you are looking for a horrible movie that has monsters with no explanation and hilariously bad plot, whew! We found it for you, look no further! Nowhere close to nail biting fear, my friends!
  16. Dale and Tucker Vs. Evil – I love this movie. It is downright hilarious with the very misunderstood leading characters. I could watch this movie every week and still find something to laugh at. I don’t want to give away the plot but seriously consider enjoying this film.
  17. The Walking Dead TV Series – You didn’t think something on this website could go on much longer without mentioning this, right? Obviously, there is no way you will watch all of the seasons on Halloween day, there isn’t enough hours. But if you somehow are not watching this show and you are a fan of horror… catch up. This season has been pretty strong so far!
  18. Monster Squad – This movie is a classic coming of age fight against all the monsters. I would suggest this for the mature middle school aged children and their families who want a laugh but also enjoy a great mix of the classic horror elements.
  19. Return of the Living Dead – A classic zombie flick. If you are looking for an old standby, you cannot go wrong with this movie. Sometimes, the zombies just take over and you have to deal with it. Brrrraaaaiiiiiiiiiiiinnnsssssssss!!!!!
  20. The Stuff – This one might be hard to find (ours is on VHS) but it is well worth your time and effort. If you are up to the challenge of locating a copy, The Stuff will not disappoint. This movie cannot help but be enjoyed. “You can’t get enough of the Stuff!!”
  21. Super 8 – For those of you who like monster movies, this one was added just for you. I found it to be pretty decent right up until I saw the monster. That usually ruins the movie for me because the monster I made up in my head was way scarier than the one that Hollywood magic can create, but this movie was still pleasantly surprising.
  22. The Blair Witch Project – So this movie isn’t that scary to me anymore but when it was released… I didn’t know that it wasn’t real. There weren’t found footage movies being pumped out of every corner. This movie got under my skin for a while back then and so will remind me of simpler times, back when I wasn’t such an adult.
  23. VHS – This movie series is broken into different shorts. Not all of them are great but there are gems to be found. It is different and fun, most of the sections are worth your checking out but I did like the first one the best.
  24. Suspiria – I feel like there can’t be a horror list without a Dario Argento movie showing up somewhere. You probably already know enough about Suspiria to judge for yourself if you feel like watching it but I felt like it was worth including because it is creepy and colorful and still quite worth checking out.
  25. Little Shop of Horrors – No, not that one, the old black and white classic! This movie astounds me because it was made in two days time with little to nothing for a budget and it is still fun to watch. Highly enjoyable for a movie about to celebrate 55 years. You won’t be sad to try out this one.
  26. Human Centipede 2 – With a unique twist of the first one simply being a movie that this new character is watching, you get to skip the first, subpar movie and jump straight to number 2. For a movie with a main character that never speaks a word, you will be intrigued, disgusted, and surprised at what a disturbing movie this actually is.
  27. The ABC’s of Death – This movie is made up of 26 short films of ways to die in alphabetical order. Some of them are over the top ridiculous or confusing but some of them are actually pretty good. I think the best part was trying to guess what the word is that they are trying to depict, which we managed to get right a whopping once.
  28. The Babadook – This is one of my favorite horror movies to come out in years. The main threat is something compelling and doesn’t get spoiled when you see it for once. I was genuinely interested the entire time and love to recommend this to people who have grown tired of the horror genre and all the tropes. This movie will renew your faith in the possibilities of horror movies.
  29. Cabin in the Woods – I was pretty happy with this movie over all. Sure there are some twenty-nothings in an abandoned cabin in the middle of nowhere which is pretty typical but the ending… I loved the ending. If you don’t already know how it ends, you will be surprised. Place your bets!
  30. The Evil Dead – Ahh Bruce Campbell… the king of B-movie gloriousness. This movie is cult classic gold. You’ve seen it I know, so have I, but it is still very rewatchable. There is even blood in the light bulbs, how can you go wrong?
  31. Dead Alive – Speaking of a lot of blood, this movie is amazing. It is campy, fun, and highly enjoyable. A great movie to watch if you aren’t so much looking for scares as much as a good time. When this man gets out the lawn mower, you will not be disappointed in the least!!


Bonus Round:  Of course, my favorite horror movies of all time, and a staple of every Halloween season for me is the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Freddy was the man who made me love everything about the horror genre and therefore gets a special place on this list. If you truly want to see something that could bring fear to anyone, watch these movies. Everyone has to sleep sometime!!


For those of you who don’t have time to watch a full movie tonight but still want to join in on the Halloween spirit, here is a quick list of short films. You won’t be disappointed at the amount of horror and emotion these films can drum up in such little time.

2 A.M. – Picture walking home one night from good time on the town and what do you see, a stranger and let me emphasize strange… your night won’t be the same.

Inside – Now in this mini movie you might recognize the main protagonist or is he the antagonist, anyways you will have a fun little mind trip in this less than 10 minute adventure.

Mockingbird – This is about as micro as horror goes. Like two sentence scary stories, this little movie gets to the point and makes its mark in a brief 2 minutes.

Mama – This you might recognize if you have seen the major motion picture because it is the short story it was based on.


For those of you who want to keep the Halloween fun going into the coming months, here are a couple of movies that seem promising.

Victor Frankenstein – I’m not sure about this one but monster movies can be fun and when Harry Potter and Professor X team up, it’s got to be interesting at the very least.

Krampus – This horror Christmas movie actually looks good. I have long loved the legend of Krampus and hope that the movie turns out as well as it looks like it might.

The Forest – Based on the real suicide forest in Japan, this movie looks like it is bringing real horror to life in a skillful way. I’m definitely intrigued.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Well… I hope that the movie integrates zombies a little more smoothly into this Jane Austen classic than the book did. Still, could be worth a watch.


Thanks for reading this! Enjoy the best time of the season and make sure to hold on to your pants!!