Fear The Walking Dead ep103 “The Dog”

Season 1 Episode 3 “The Dog”
Directed by Adam Davidson
Written by Jack LoGiudice
Starring Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Lorenzo James Henrie, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Ruben Blades, Mercedes Mason, Patricia Reyes Spindola
Air Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015, 9pm

Tobias warned us, when society falls, it falls fast. “The Dog”, the third episode of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead, proves that. While the majority of characters in the series are still coming to grips with the fact that the dead are rising, there are a few who know what’s really going on. While Nick warns his family, it’s Travis that seems to be the one still in disbelief, even after telling his ex wife that “They don’t stay dead” when referring to people infected with the virus.
The drama is real. Slowly but surely we’re seeing how quickly the virus spreads, even if it’s at a crawl. During The Walking Dead, we get to see how the survivors deal with their friends and loved ones coming back, but, in Fear The Walking Dead, our survivors are still unsure about exactly what’s happening. Madison’s reaction to finding her neighbor and friend Sue after she’s turned is heart breaking.
While the riot scenes were thought provoking, it was Travis, Liza and Christopher’s drive back to Madison’s that could be the most disturbing scenes of the entire series. While the LAPD were dealing with the infected shambling out of the hospital, it was seeing the city lights going dark that creeped me out the most.
Pay close attention to what’s going on in the background of the civil uprisings. I saw numerous Infected shambling out of the hospital. And how did none of the rioters notice the cop eating his partner in the middle of the street?
Did anyone else notice Alisha seeing the empty bottle of pills on Sue and Patrick’s kitchen table? Were they pills that Nick stole, or did Sue use them to overdose?
I’m already rooting for Madison and Travis’ family. It’s easier to relate to the Fear The Walking Dead characters as they learn about the apocalypse than it is to relate to the survivors in The Walking Dead. While we as viewers already know the rules, it’s like learning them all over again as the series goes on.
The teasers released for upcoming episodes elude to the Military being just as much of the problem as the Infected will be. While we haven’t gotten much back story during The Walking Dead as to how the Armed Forces handle the plague, Fear seems to be willing to show us just how far the Military will go to try and keep society together. These will be the questions posed, and hopefully answered, as the show progresses. It’s one thing to protect your family and friends after the world goes to shit, but what will our survivors do as the world falls apart?
What’s scarier? A horde of walkers, or a lunatic with a gun imposing marshal law?


“Good people are the first ones to die.”
- Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

The next episode of Fear The Walking Dead, 1.4, “Not Fade Away,” airs on AMC on Sunday, September 20, 2015 at 9/8c.