Fear The Walking Dead ep101 Preview

Hey its Walking Dead night, but not you’re normal Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman and crew brought you an all new show Fear The Walking Dead and I was lucky enough to get to preview it before it came out. I am going to give you as much info I can without giving away too many spoilers but some info will be revealed in this review so if you don’t want to know anything at all check it out for yourself but if you are looking for a quick and dirty introduction of the new AMC series read away my zombie loving friends.

Kirkman is at its again taking the zombie story and putting it back on its head. This is different from your normal adventure because it starts at the beginning when stuff started to get back. Now normally this is a time that most people could carless about, but this story makes you invested in the world falling to pieces with creative storytelling and characters you want to root for.

Now a little on the story for what I have seen if there is a strong family vibe in this story. Showing that a family’s love will overcome the world falling to shit. Right now it is hard to tell who the main protagonist but like the other Walking Dead there is a group feel with everyone. But as the first signs of zombies are showing up you can feel the pressure of the situation building. Normally zombie movies are full speed ahead getting to the zombie and that’s all you want to see but Fear The Walking Dead makes you enjoy the ride with some amazing story telling. So the first few episodes get ready for an amazing ride and feeling the start of the end of the world.

Lonnie Elder


Fear The Walking Dead premiers August 23rd at 8pm ct on AMC .

For more info on the Walking Dead check out www.AMC.com