Zombie B.C. Book 2; Dog of the Dead

Zombie B.C.
Book 2; Dog of the Dead
Stephen Vold; Story
Steven Williams; Lead Artist
Malcolm McClinton; Cover Artist
April 2015


Picking up where Book 1 leaves off, Vold and Williams hit the ground running and the reader is left with two options; Keep up, or be left behind. While Book 1 focused on a nameless prehistoric survivor, Book 2 centers on “Sam”, a German Shepard police dog. After losing his human, Sam finds a new family and together they do their best to survive during the onset of Boston’s zombie pandemic.
As with Book 1, Dog of the Dead is high paced and intense which leads to a story that reads almost to quickly. As I turned the final page, I wanted more. While Dog of the Dead is perfectly executed, I imagine that these single issues could easily evolve into an on-going monthly series. Vold has a way of capturing the polarized aspects of society; tearing at our heart strings with sympathy, and dredging up anger and frustrations with the story’s antagonists.
the first encounter
Williams’ art continues to utilize a grisly attention to detail, while maintaining a high level of humanity and compassion in the living survivors. Vold’s story once again gives a nod to the classic Romero style of zombie while keeping the reader guessing as to what level of Hell he’s pitching the survivors into.
Dog looking at owner
Once again, Vold gives us an amazing story told from a perspective that we’ve not seen before. Teaming up once again with Williams gives the reader a sense of continuation for this story that is far from over.