ROB ZOMBIE: It’s almost over – only 3 more days!‏

Zombie-Heads, it’s almost over!
Three months of crowdfunding this movie is ending this Friday on Halloween. Couldn’t be more fitting, right? So before you go out to unleash the horror in your neighborhood, make sure to check in and see if you want some of our limited items over at
We’re offering the limited Michael Myers Masks from Halloween in a custom case, and much more.
  • Devil’s Rejects Poster: Only 15 left!
  • Horley Production Art Mini Poster Set: Only 9 left!
  • Return of the Lifetime Laminate: Only 18 left! 
  • House of 1000 Corpses Rare Collectors Bundle: Only 4 left! 
  • Special Thanks on End Credits: Only 26 left! 
  • Michael Myers Masks from Halloween: Only 10 left!
  • Be an EXTRA: Only 6 left!  
Crowdfunding has been a pretty great experience and I appreciate all your feedback. It was great meeting so many of you at the Meet & Greets, and you guys fucking rock. Thanks again for all your support, this has been a blast.
– RZ
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