The Walking Dead; Season 5, Episode 2: Four Walls and a Roof

“Rick and the others find themselves pitted against a group of nasty people, but may have a plan to gain the upper hand,” teases AMC of season 5 episode 3.
The Talking Dead sneak peek for Ep3 showed Sasha in the woods, probably searching for Bob … but finding a walker instead. The other AMC sneak peek showed Sasha confronting Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) on what happened to their people. The “this is all connected” and “three of us are gone” lines are from Sasha to Gabriel. He insists he had nothing to do with what happened to Bob/Daryl/Carol, and from what we’ve seen, that’s true. It’s still possible that Gabriel is connected to Terminus, or even the hospital people. That could be part of his TV remix, but it remains to be seen. How has he survived this long? Father Gabriel’s past will be revealed. Is there more to Gabriel’s story, though? How did that cross car randomly find them, again? No other cars on the road and they just happen to show up where people are. Does someone tip them off?
Bob will deliver the iconic “tainted meat” line from the comics, leading to a swift boot to the head from Gareth. Does Sasha have to put down Bob like Andrea did for Dale in the comics?
After assaulting the church, Gareth shows us how mentally unstable he really is and the Hunters are defeated.