Flyleaf; Between The Stars

Between The Stars
Sept 2014
Loud & Proud Records

This is not Flyleaf. At least not the flyleaf that initially created the music that played as the soundtrack for so many of our lives. The departure of original vocalist and founder Lacey Sturm could have been the end of the band. Thankfully though the band chose to continue on with a new vocalist and once again inspire the lives of their fans.
Flyleaf’s style has slightly evolved since their debut release, and has grown with the addition of Kristen May. May, Midwest native and formerly of the band Vedera, brings a whole new element to Flyleaf, that of soft ethereal vocals that, combined with the band’s heavy alternative sound, give a new level of hopefulness and urgency to the band’s music.
A lot of fans, myself included, were very hesitant of the band’s dramatic change. May’s vocals are very dissimilar to Sturm’s, and that is the absolute worst change that can happen to a fan’s band. May has a much less gritty sound compared to Sturm’s. May’s vocals give the band’s music more of a pop/rock vibe. The new material recorded with May arent any less brilliant, just different to what we’re used too.
It can be so disheartening when a band loses its original vocalist but that doesn’t mean that we should give the new version a chance or think any less of their previously recorded material.
While I will miss Flyleaf’s music with Sturm that helped me through so many painful times, I’m hopeful for the chance to make new, better memories with their current release.

 Rating; 7/10