Ash Code; Oblivion

Ok this one is a go!
2.Waves with no Shores
3.Dry Your Eyes
6.Unnecessary Songs 
10.North Bahnhof 

Imagine yourself being in a dark room with your thoughts and feelings, and you need a sound track to your life. Ash Code’s new album, Oblivion, will fill that void that you have been sensing. Ash Code describes their sound as a collage of darkwave, noise and electronic music with a solid drum machine. With smooth but edgy sound, Oblivion has a way of working its way in your soul and living there. Testing your mind to its fullest. This is not an album you pop in, listen to your favorite tracks and move on, or something you are happy to hear when you have your music player on shuffle. This album has to be experenced in full. Darkwave is alive and well in the members of Ash Code. Oblivionis full of aggressive drum beats, power synth tones, deep powerful vocals, and dark melodies to fill your ears with a truly remarkable experience. Being in the United States, dark wave is something that is lost on us a bit. With the power pop and dub step filling the airwaves, this was a truly remarkable album. If you get a chance to buy this album, I highly recommend it. Don’t be happy with just one listen. Listen to it time and time again. Lose yourself in the mechanical feel and take a trip in the dark with Ash Code. Check out Ash Code at where you are able to hear and download songs as well as check tour dates and learn more about the band.

Lonnie Elder 

Ash Code is an electronic band inspired by the 80’s New Wave , Oblivion is their debut album. Ten tracks of energic electronic with peaks of synthpop and gloomy atmospheres typical of the French coldwave. The melodies of the Synths and the Drum Machines are accompanied by the strings of a Fender VI baritone, which together with arpeggiators make the tracks dancey and engaging ..
The album opens in the storm of ‘Waves With No Shores’, with its mix of synth and bass, to continue with ‘Dry Your Eyes’, their first single, present in the playlist of the main European goth party since last january ; it slows down rhythmically with the title track, ‘Oblivion’, in which the hypnotic synth and bass enveloping trying to transport the listener right in the size of oblivion. With ‘Want’, ‘Crucified’ and ‘Unnecessary songs’ still dancing between distortion, feedback and reverb typical shoegaze, ‘Drama’ on the other hand is a piece that stands out for the female voice and melancholic synth licks, ‘Empty Room’ stands then the depth of the bass sound, predominant in the song and the dark and serious voice. The wonderful cover of the LP is a work from the polish artist Sandra Roczen