In This Moment; Black Widow

In This Moment
Black Widow
Atlantic Records
November 17th, 2014

In This Moment have made an album that has left me utterly speechless. Picking up where 2012’s Blood left off, Rock Goddess Maria Brink and her band of merry men return with another collection of aggressive dance friendly heavy metal tracks with the release of 2014’s Black Widow. This marks the bands major label debut and first release away from long time label Century Media Records.
As soon as the opening chords of The Infection are played, Brink grabs our hands and leads us through the brutally beautiful sonic landscape that encompasses Black Widow as a whole. The music of the bands 5th album showcases the continued evolution of the band. Not satisfied with simply being a heavy metal band, In This Moment weaves into each of Black Widow’s tracks industrial chords and dance beats that you’d hear at a European underground rave, followed by the perfect amount of metal riffs and pounding drums that showcase Maria’s unique sound. . The tracks on Black Widow grab you tight and don’t let go. It’s an hour on an emotional rollercoaster that you never want to get off of.
“Here we go again,” says guitarist Chris Howorth. “This was by far the most challenging, exciting and rewarding experience we’ve ever had making a record. We threw out the rulebook and tried to create something fearless, constantly pushing ourselves to make an album unlike anyone has heard before. Fans, get ready for this ride – everything is going to the next level.”
Black Widow’s lyrical content is much more personal than on any of the band’s previous releases. Brink sings about her past and rumors of her life on Sex Metal Barbie while backed by an intense metal/dance musical barrage. Overcoming inner demons are the main focus of Big Bad Wolf. The piggy in the track being Brink’s voice of self-doubt trying to bring her down. We all have a little piggy whispering in our ear that we try to shut out.
“’BLACK WIDOW’ is definitely the darker part of me,” says singer Maria Brink. “This album is about finding the weakness inside and turning it into strength. It’s about being reborn, setting yourself free and realizing the balance in everything – the dark and the light. I think people will embrace its diversity and hearing different sides of us that they haven’t experienced yet.”
I have turned this over and over in my head, and I am still trying to figure out the emotional state I should be in after finishing the album. If you really listen to each track, you go through every emotion Brink has ever been through. As she pours out her feelings and smashes them right into your face, you feel every kick, punch, and stab at the heart that she felt, but just when you think you are going to tap out she reaches out and grabs you and pulls you back into her world.

Brink has voice that fills your head up with anger, lust, and sex. From her whispered rasp to the guttural growls, Brink is sex. Pure and simple. This album is sexy no matter what emotion is being brought forth. In This Moment are meant to be a staple in the metal music world. We should only be so lucky that they continue to infect our ears and minds with such music genius.

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In This Moment is Maria Brink – Vocals * Chris Howorth – Guitar * Travis Johnson – Bass * Randy Weitzel – Guitar * Tom Hane – Drums.

The Infection
Sex Metal Barbie
Big Bad Wolf
Dirty Pretty
Black Widow
Sexual Hallucination (featuring Brent Smith of Shinedown)
Sick Like Me
Bloody Creature Poster Girl
The Fighter
Natural Born Sinner
Into the Darkness
Out of Hell

Adam Tibbott with Deana Cruikshank

Album Rating; 10/10