Liliana and Vraska’s Golgari Scrying Deathtouch Deck


2014 Tournament Legal Deck

Vraska, the Unseen
Liliana of the Dark Realms x3
Hythonia the Cruel
Deathrite Shaman x2
Reaper of the Wilds x3
Mistcutter Hydra x3
Vastwood Hydra x2
Kalonian Hydra x2
Crypt Ghast x2
Trestle Troll x2
Dreg Mangler x3

Treasured Find x2
Defend the Hearth
Fog x4
Hero’s Downfall x3
Gaze of Granite x4

Swamp x7
Forest x6
Golgari Guildgate x4
Overgrown Tomb
Temple of Mystery
Temple of Silence x2
Temple of Abandon

Side Bar;
Grave Betrayal x2
Death’s Presence
Doom Blade x4
Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord x3
Deathgaze Cockatrice x3
Bow of Nylea x2


I’ve been running this deck during FNM and it’s been doing very well for me, averaging 3/5 win rate. The majority of cards in this deck are easy to come by and I’ve gotten 90% of them by pulling them from packs.
The mechanics of the deck are easy to maintain. Use the Temple lands to scy for the best success. Liliana and teh Crypt Ghast’s purposes are to mana ramp and cast more powerful Hydra. The Deathrite Shaman will have other players hesitating whether or not to cast instants and sorceries.
The main purpose of this deck is to destroy your opponent’s creatures. One more than one occassion Gaze of Granite has won me the game. It’s a low casting cost card at XBBG and can wipe the board of those annoying token creatures. Just make sure to cast your creatures AFTER whipping the battelfield.
Don’t be afraid to attack each turn with the Dreg Mangler. Eevn if he’s killed, you can still scavenge the creature and pump on others like Reaper of the Wilds. Just make sure to keep your mana open for the Reaper’s Deathtouch or Hex Proof.
The Kalonian Hydra is perfect for boosting the counters on the other Hydra and creating even bigger Hydra.
Ultimately though, the goal is to have Vraska on the field and her trio of Assassins. Side Bar in Doom Blade to take out more of your opponent’s creatures or the Bow of Nylea to give those massive Hyrda deathtouch. Hero’s Downfall is great for taking out Planeswalkers and use Fog to prevent the damage your opponent thinks he’s going to cause but only ends up leaving his battlefield tapped. I’ve also used Fog to prevent the combat damage but still double the counters with the Kalonian Hydra.
Jarad can also be useful. Sacrifice a 32/32 Kalonian Hydra and you’ve won the game.

147365 [Kalonian Hydra]final