Unity: Red

Unity: Red
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September, 2013

Well into their second year and after giving fans an amazing first cross-over story arch with Harbinger War, Valiant Comics now asks “What does it take to kill a king?” The answer? Unity. X-O Manowar has become a threat to the Valiant Universe and its up to Toyo Harada to unify Valiant’s most powerful heroes to stop him.
I remember the original Valiant Comics’ Unity and admit to being hesitant about the plot and delivery of the never finished Unity 2000. Keep in mind that Unity: Red isn’t the finished product. The art and colors are complete but there’s no word balloons. No dialogue. Judging from Braithewaite’s art alone, writer Matt Kindt is crafting a brilliant story that’s worthy of the new Valiant’s namesake.
The original Unity was an epic story full of death, romance and bridged the thousand year gap in the Valiant timeline. The new Unity seems to be every bit as brutal and intense but with a bit more sexual frustration thanks to Aric.