Magic the Gathering M14

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Magic the Gathering, Wizards of the Coast has re-opened the mana vault and packed the 2014 Core Set with some of the best cards of the series’ 20 year history. Reprinting cards from the Innistrad Block, the return of the Serra Angel, Shivan Dragon and Sengir Vampire and re-intorducing Slivers to a whole new audience, M14 is perfect for beginners, Planeswalkers and novice players like myself who may have started playing back in 1993 but took a few years off.
M14 also features 5 Planeswalkers to add to the battlefield, each of which features new powers and enhancements. While I wasn’t a fan of the Innistrad blocks version of Liliana of the Veil, I adore M14’s Liliana of the Dark Relm.
The 2014 core set isn’t just another core set to be glanced over and cherry picked though. Prebuilt decks allow players to test their skill against each other on a more casual level. The Green/White combo deck, based on enchantments, puts a new spin on powering up your tokens. M14 also gives players a chance to use cards duing Friday Night Magic that haven’t been available since the 2012 core set.
Did I mention that Slivers are back? Here’s your chance to build a tournament legal Sliver deck without having to worry about both player’s Slivers’ abilities being boosted.