Friday Night Magic; 06-28-2013, Omaha, Nebr

Friday Night Magic
Legend Comics and Coffee
Omaha, Nebraska
June 28th, 2013

4 matches. 14 people in event

Match 1
Jake: Boros Deck based on Haste.
Round 1; Jake
Round 2; Jake

Match 2
Kristin: Mono Red Deck. Goblins, tokens, burn
Round 1; Adam
Round 2; Kristin
Round 3; Adam

Match 3
Shane: Simic deck,  based on +1/+1 counters
Round 1; Shane
Round 2; Adam (Shane relented during the 5th turn)
Round 3; Shane

Match 4
Jeremy: Red/Black/Green deck centered around Extort and the Blood Artist
Round 1; Jeremy
Round 2; Jeremy

FNM is getting brutal. Players are so cut throat now and no one is just playing for fun. It’s time to change my strategy.