Filter; The Sun Comes Out Tonight

The Sun Comes Out Tonight
June 4th, 2013
Wind-up Records

Filter’s 6th studio album, and their first on Wind-up Records, once again finds founder Richard Patrick’s muse evolving into a larger animal. Patrick aimed for the album to sound like “…something that was exactly like Short Bus (Filter’s 1995 debut release) but done in today’s world with today’s technology”.[ The addition of former Kill Hannah member Jonathan Radtke has added a facet to Filter’s sound. Each of the albums 15 tracks is laced with visceral images of haunting pain and sorrowful redemption, as evident in tracks like Self Inflicted, This Finger’s For You and Take That Knife Out Of My Back.
Patrick has admitted that he’s no longer that angry young kid that cut his teeth in Nine Inch Nails. Filter’s music has always been aggressive, but over the past few albums, that anger has become more focused and sharp. While Patrick has always had a keen ear for creating brutally intense music, The Sun Comes Out Tonight’s track listing is entwined with soothing piano ballads, proving that Patrick isn’t a one trick pony. It’s My Time is a harrowing track that could easily played at the mourning phase of life’s passing.  It’s Patrick’s constant sense of musical urgency that will maintain his position as one of the founders of the industrial/metal genre who continues to give us the songs that play as the background for our lives.