This Is Armageddon sampler feat. 40 free tracks!

Want our new This Is Armageddon download cards?!

First of all… happy festival season Road Unit!! We have a brand new digital sampler for you… and more in the works! You can download our new This Is Armageddon digital sampler (featuring music from Finntroll, Marduk, Ulver, Heaven Shall Burn, Samael, and LOTS more) right here:
To support this sampler, we also have download cards for YOU to hand out at local shows, local record stores, your school, etc. If you’d like a package of 50 cards, simply reply to with “SEND ME SOME!”
If you’d like more than 50 cards, reply with the amount you’d like and the locations you will be handing them out at.
Feel free to share the link above on your social networks too… and be sure to tag us!

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