Harbinger #4

Harbinger #4
September 12th, 2012
Valiant Entertainment

WARNING! This review (obviously) contains my own person speculations and may be considered a SPOILER.

Have Faith, vigilant Valiant fans, Joshua Dysart and Khari Evans are once again upping the pace of Pete Stanchek’s story of redemption and rebellion. Plus, as teased last month, we’re finally introduced to another one of my favorite Harbinger kids, Zephyr!
Dysart continues to peel back the layers of the Valiant Universe, giving us another glimpse behind the curtain of Harada’s Harbinger Foundation … and it’s not pretty. Pete Stanchek learns that even though Harada has the best of intentions for him and his extraordinary psiot abilities, neither know the full ramifications of Stanchek using those untrained powers. But How will Stanchek react when he learns of the Harbinger Foundations possible betrayal of his trust?
Another thing I’ve learned from reading Dysart’s stories; he doesn’t just throw in random filler. If something comes up in conversation between characters, it’s meant to foreshadow a future story piece or plot line. In this instance I was interested in Pete commenting on how young Harada looks after Harada reveals to Stanchek about his growing up in Japan soon after the Hiroshima bombing. A seemingly innocent comment, right? But what if Harada’s youthful appearance comes from something more sinister?
My speculation? Does Toyo Harada have other psiot powers he’s not revealed yet? Like body jumping, perhaps? Is that why Harada looks so frail in the WWII era flashbacks but still young and strong 70 years later?
Evans artwork continues to be top notch as he packs every panel of every page with details that most books are lacking. The amazing team of Dysart, Evans, Larosa and Hannin yet again gives us one of the best books currently on the shelves and you need to add this to your pull file!

Rating 9/10